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SNOW DAY (No Snow!) and Other Fun Stuff

So for the last few days the news has been talking about this horrible storm that was coming most our the countries way. Well, I live in Bowling Green and we have a force field bubble that keeps us from getting real weather. I woke up this morning to a text that our school system had closed as a preventive measure. Well, guess what? It rained all day. I was glad to be home but I really dont want to make up a snow day.
     Today I have played with my kids and cleaned the kitchen. Oh, and been potty training. AWE, the glamorous life of a teacher. LOL! While playing with them, I kept thinking about my classroom and what my students needed when we returned on Monday. I have noticed that my kids are struggling with the simple of task. I have a few students that NEVER try in my classroom. What do you with those kids? I have taught for 13 years but they sure do stump me.
     I am currently working on a my sight word study unity. It will be big. I did do volume 1 of my sentence builders. I hope that you guys will love it.
    OK, one for thing and I will go! I have an elf on the shelf in my classroom. I love this concept. I have a 5th grader in my building who comes in in the morning and moves the elf around. Its been so fun because the kids keep telling me that I have touched him. I just joke that I have not touched him. (which is true). At home, we have Percy the penguin. I'll share that later.

Everyone have a great weekend. I get to do some much needed scrapbooking. I am so excited. I won't be excited for the mess my house will be in but I will be excited to get some Christmas presents finished. Ok, I will holla later.



What at week!!!! I only had to work 2 days last week and it seemed like the longest week of my life. I need this break because I needed to regroup when it comes to my kindergarten writing class. They are progress like I need them to progress. This common core is so much more intense and I am just trying to teach to the best of my ability. Anyway, enough of that! I'm so excited because Monday and Tuesday is a big sale on TPT. I am throwing my store on sale with a 20% and with TPT giving close to another 10%. You can get 28% off. You can't beat that.
Also, I thought I would go ahead and link up with Deedee Wills and post my visual lesson plans. I spent the first day of my break in my classroom working and doing my plans. I also decorated my classroom for Christmas. The kids will come in to find Chris our Elf hanging in the lights. I will be fun to play with this group of kids. I hope those students who have a little behave troubles will have a great 15 days.
Sorry it looks crazy! Im learning this google drive format. Its a work in progress. Okay, I am off to fill my cart on TPT and get ready for tomorrow.