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Writing Wednesday Tip

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another installment of my series call Writing Wednesday Tip. 

I am here to talk about sight words and the importance of daily practice. 

When I started teaching writing, I was scared to death. My love is and always has been teaching Reading. I love diving into a book and picking it apart. What took me a little while to understand, was that teaching writing was doing the same way. I am just using a different set of "glasses" as you would call it. I would read blog post on writing. I was just trying to find someway to help myself feel more confident in teaching writing all day.

Then it hit me!!!! DUH, MELINDA!!!! Do what you did with reading but look at it from the writers mind (craft if you want to call it). That was when I took note of what my students were doing. I teach in a Title 1 school and sometimes the lack of home support cause some students to be completely overwhelmed when it comes to the classroom. They are literally on their on with their learning and the practice of that learning. 

I would take notes on what I was seeing my students were doing with writing. It all came back to 2 things. Sight Words & Daily Practice of conventions

My students would tell me rules that they should apply in writing but then do the opposite. I started making slides so that they could practice all kinds of skills with conventions being apart of it. Here is an example of one of the slides. 


My students have a notebook and they do one slide everyday. I usually start this around mid-September after I have had time to really teach rules and procedures to my classes. 

Now as the school year has progressed the my sassy pants are starting to understand the concepts that is needed in writing. Although I have read where some feel this is the waste of instructional time, I see the opposite. I get the chance to teach nonstop through it. 

Now my first grade class needs to work on stretching sentences. A while back I created a Stretch your Sentence product. If you would like that click HERE. It is free. 

This leads me to sight words. I spend a lot of time trying to build sight words with my kids so that when they are in Reading class, 1. It will be a little easier with fluency. 2. It will make writing a little easier. 
I have been working hard at having the kids playing loopy loop. This sight word game is my sassy pants favorite thing to play on Friday. They beg for it. If you would like a copy, just click here and it will take you to my TPT store and you can get the latest copy. 

I hope that today you see that the many connections we make between Reading and Writing, the better it will help in the development of story later. 

Monday Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I hope you have had an amazing Monday. My day has been super busy! So let's jump in to my series called Monday Wrap Up!

This week we are having Spring Conferences. I mean can you really call them Spring when it is January and still WINTER!  Ha Ha!!! Anyway, My team members and I have been really trying to make sure that our students binders were ready for the next two days. We are suppose to have members of our community to come in and check out our days in the classroom as well as how our student-led conferences are running. 

With that being said, my team and I decided we needed to double check our binders and make sure our kiddos were ready to go could handle leading their own conferences. If you do student-led conferences, I would LOVE to hear how it works in your school. Also, what do you love or dislike about it.

Today, my classes spent time making sure our goal pages were ready to go. The 1st and 2nd grade classes got their finished but the kinders we will have to do tomorrow. The pictures below show my kiddos working on their sheets. (There will be more on those later). 

So you may be asking what is in my binder. Here is my list:
1. Binder cover with spine
2. Leader in Me page 
This page is our school mission statement, school guidelines for success, and our classroom rules.
3. Goals page
This page is what you see them working on in the pictures.
4. Behavior data
My 2nd graders use dojo so everyday we color in the correct face for their behavior.
5. Math data
My math team member puts her assessment scores.
6. Reading data
My reading team member does the same as math.
7. Writing Data
I use this for grammar pre and post test as well as writing samples for that day. The samples are removed and put back in binder. If you missed that post you can click HERE to read it.
8. Celebrations
This tab holds any certificates or awards the kiddos get during the school week or day.
9. Student-Led Conferences
This tab is the last one in my binders. This tab is just what it says it is. It has their self reflections and everything in it. 

My sassy pants carry their binders every where they go. This is so my team members can add whatever they need to in the binders. 

So since you have stopped by to read my post tonight. I am leaving you a FREEBIE (click on the word) for a limited time. 

Click HERE if you want a copy

It will be free until 8pm CST tomorrow (Tuesday). It is covers and some graphs for your own binders. I added some Science and Social Study tab as well. I hope that you will enjoy it. Tell your friends and grab it quick.

Wednesday Writing Tip

Hey everyone! Its Melinda your Sassy teacher, here with another installment of Wednesday Writing Tip.

Today I wanted to talk to you about working folders. I had tried many different ways to keep track of all my students work and nothing ever seemed to come out how I envisioned it. So, during the summer I read tons of blogs and finally thought about what I needed and came up with the double folder. 

Here is what you will need to make these folders. 
1. 3 prong folders (poly or paper)
2. non prong folders (paper)
3. hole punch
4. Labels

Directions to make the folders:
Step 1: (We can have lots of fun! A little NKOTB for ya)
Get all your prong folders open and ready to have another folder put inside of it.

Step 2: ( There's so much we can do!)
Flip all non prong folders backwards. 

Step 3: (It's just you and me!)
Punch a hole in the non prong folder. Make sure to run it upside when you do this because they will be uneven the other way. 

Step 4: (I can give you more!)
Place the folders together and close. 

Step 5: (Don't you know that the time has arrived!  UH!!)
Then, begin putting stickers on each page. 

Now you may be saying, "Melinda, What stickers?"  Well, I made stickers for each page. Green, Yellow, Red hands, and a pencil. My students know that if they have a green hand, we are still working on this rough draft. Yellow means that we have some revising and editing to do. Red means it is complete and Mrs. King can come get it and put it in her binder of completed pieces. If you missed last week's post and freebie click HERE.

Here are the completed folders. Since I have 3 grades. Yellow is Kinders. Blue is 1st grade. Red is 2nd grade.

Click on here for your freebie labels!

Monday Wrap Up

Hey everyone! How has your MLK holiday been? I have been super busy. I didnt want to go without sharing my Monday Wrap up!

So, like I said, I have been super busy. Besides my usual morning of working out, today I hung out with my kiddos and created 3 (Yes, 3) scoots. I have them in my store for FREE!

Since I am in a school where I teach Writing for K-2, then I am responsible for language, speaking and listening, and writing standards. My PLC decided for the 3rd quarter we would focus on 5 standards for each grade. My kinders are to master nouns and verbs. 1st grade is to master commas. 2nd grade is to work on adjectives and adverbs. 

I had given each grade a test for each of those areas. I still felt that they needed more practice. I made the scoots to help with that. I hope that you will enjoy each and everyone of them. 
Here is the links to each one in my store:

Wednesday Writing Tips

Hey guys! I have decided to start a series called Wednesday Writing Tips. This will be a chance for me to share ideas of how I organize my writing room. I hope that it will give you some ideas of how you can organize yourself as well. 

Today, I decided that I would share something that I started doing this year and it has worked out great. I created a binder for all my students. Since I see 57 kids everyday, my normal display on a bulletin. I would make a cute cover. I would place it into a sheet protector and then display them on a large bulletin board in my room. Look at the picture below for an example. 

Click here to see original post

This worked well but once we merged into clusters, it just didnt work. So that when I started using this.

Every child in my cluster has this cover. I place their name in the box at the bottom. I have a tab for each each grade level. Behind this cover is their work. This is placed in my writing Sample notebook. When a student moves and they need their writing pieces, BOOM!!!!! I have it all right here. It has helped so much with the transit-ant students that my schools see.

When I started this project, I never dreamed that it would work out as well as it has. For stopping by today, I have a freebie for you. It all that you will need to get your own writing binder up and running. Just click HERE and it will take you to my TPT store. I hope that you will enjoy it and will use it a lot in your own room.

Monday Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I have had such a great Monday. I decided to come to you with another Monday Wrap up! I feel like this may be a new thing for me. We will see! 

Today has been such a great day of learning. The K-2 classes have really worked super hard. Kindergarten have been working on nouns and trying to master them. We created an anchor chart to help them to better get it. So let me introduce you to Nancy Noun.

It's not the best drawing but my kiddos LOVED it. The kinders are like sponges and it makes me smile. I see why people love teaching that grade. When we finished making this chart, we did a noun sort. I completely forgot to make picture of their graphing sort but they did AMAZING!!!!!

Now first grade is working on commas. I did a pretest over some 3rd quarter grammar skills and I was shocked that they did even recognize a comma. So today we looked in books for where they were using the punctuation mark. We discussed how to make it and then made a chart about the rules for using it. I wish I would have made a closer shot of the poster. 
Poster in the middle is the comma chart.

We are going to spend the week really looking at how to use them properly. Starting with writing the date! I think! LOL!

The 2nd graders are reviewing adjectives and will be working toward adverbs. I am working with them on using the Genius Ladder from Whole Brain Teaching. Click on Genius to watch a video.

Here are a few pictures of the nonfiction posters and some displays I added to my room today. 

Today was a great day of teaching. I was so nice to watch my kiddos at work. They were trying so hard. Look out for Wednesday's post. Writing Wednesday is a new series that I will begin to help you with Writing. My first topic will be organizing completed work. Can't wait for you to come back. 

Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday everyone! I am here with another Sunday Scoop hosted my Oh boy It's 4th grade. I had such a great time linking up last week that I wanted to link again. 

So let's jump in!

I have really been working on meal planning and getting fit. I had a gastric sleeve 20 months ago. So I really am wanting to get the last 60 lbs off. My doctor only wants 30 but if I can get closer to goal weight then the better a "tummy tuck" will be. 
I am needing to print my plans. Don't you just hate it when you have gotten yourself together, printed a pile of things you need for the week, and then forget to print your plans. WELL!!!! This girl did! UGH! My 3 and 4 year olds keep hopping and I just forgot. 
The last thing that I have to do is exercise. I am in love with PIYO! If you haven't tried, well you should!!!1 

I hope that I get my Sight word game finished so that I can laminate it and play it with my kinders. Also, I hope to get to plan next week lessons early. I tend to get stopped in the week and never get it finished. I would like to not have to wait. Im shooting for a goal. 

Last but not least, I am happy to watch my guilty pleasure of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Gurrrlllll, these ladies are seriously reading and throwing shade. It makes me laugh so much.

This week we are moving forward with our informational writing. I will be starting to create a class project over Polar Bears. I am going to get my interactive notebook pages ready for my classes. My kinders will be starting Unit 5 of Deedee Wills and Deanna Jumps Writing through the Year. I am super excited because these kinders I have are loving writing and are becoming such amazing ones at that. 

This week is going to be amazing I love them so!!! 

Okay, It is time to say good night. Everyone have an amazing week. 

Monday Wrap up

Hey everyone! It's your Sassy Teacher! We went back to school today. I was super excited to see my kiddos. Today we discussed goals and their importance. I used the word BECAUSE a lot. To understand that go visit Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasbord. Just click HERE.

Anyway, all 3 classes worked super hard and I was very proud of them. 1st and 2nd made goals for Home, School, and the Classroom. The picture below is what the kinders did. 

We are going to be using my New Year Activities pack to work with these resolutions. I was proud of how they really started reflecting on how they could be better citizens. I'll make more pictures and show you how our flip book and "party hats" come along. 

I thought since I was making this blog post that I would go ahead and link up with Teaching Trio and the Sunday Scoop. ( I know it's Monday!) 

Here is my scoop:

I am starting my informational unit so I have some posters to make. I have some from my January Pinterest Pic post that I really want to use with my kiddos. I did a handwriting assessment with my kids for Handwriting without Tears Printing Tool. So, it is a big process and I have 60 to score. Let's say, I'm drowning in test. 

I am working on my next sight word game and can't wait for my Sassy Pants to get the chance to test it out. It will be matching sight words. It is a work in progress. 

Lastly, I am about to head to my second favorite place, Jazzercise and then my last scoop will happen. I will spend time with my sweet babies and husband. I am a very blessed teacher. 

January Pinterest Picks

Hello Fellow bloggers! I have teamed up with The Inspired Owl's Corner and Pawsitively Teaching again to bring you another installment of Pinterest Picks. This month I have decided to share with you the pins I found related to Informational Writing.

If you remember I am the Writing teacher for my cluster/team. January and part of February will be on informational writing. I teach K-2 so they will all be learning this same standard. With that being said....

Let's get to pinning!!!!!!

Click here to see original pin

This first pin is one I found few months back when I was planning for each of the types of writing. This came from Amy Lemons' Step into Second Grade blog. This was a chart she created when she had an impromptu lesson on the Author's Purpose. I felt that with my students this was going to be the perfect start to the lessons. Now let me just say that we talked before break about the features in nonfiction text. So when we come back on January 5th, I will review those features and introduce this poster and the standards that I will be teaching. 

Click to see Original Pin

This next pin is one for more reviewing of how we write paragraphs and how that plays a role  in writing informational pieces. I will use my lessons Paragraph writing unit to review with my students. You can check that out HERE. I am going to create something similar to this chart to help the students understand what is needed in an Informational piece. 

Click to see original Pin

I am currently in the process of creating graphic organizers that I feel will help my students to understand informational writing. I found this pin and thought this will be great with my 1st grade class. I see this as a process to help my students with drafting of their pieces. 

I am getting super pumped to get back to school and work on these pieces. I will be sharing samples on my IG and Facebook page of my students work. 

I hope that you found these very helpful and that they will give you a jumping point with your Informational Writing. 

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope that you will come again. Please hop around and check out some of the blogs and their pins. I can't wait to read myself. 

My Currently and New Year Resolutions

Hey everyone! Can you believe that it is 2015. 2014 brought so much excitement for me. I wanted to link up with Farley for this months Currently!

This past year has given me so many blessings. One being the new cars my husband and I purchased. We were so lucky to be able to get 2 newer cars. Mine is a 2004 Honda Pilot. I dont think I will ever go back. He got a 2007 Dodge Caravan. Our old cars were 20 years old so this was great! 

I am super excited to get to go back to school. I am going to set some resolutions for myself. 
Here are my goals:

I really hope that I can earn enough to get to complete to #3. I really would like to mark more off of my Teacher Bucket list. If you want to know more about that then check that out here

I wanted you to know that my store is on sale until Sunday. I would love for you to go and catch some of the marvelous deals. I just added my new Loopy Loop winter Edition to the store. This is a game that my kiddos love to play and ask for everyday. 

I hope that next week when you return to school, you have the most amazing week every. See ya Saturday for my January Pinterest Picks.