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Let's Celebrate

I am so excited to come today for a BIG celebration. You know your whole life you look for people and places that make you grow as a person. Well, today the Primary Punchbowl is celebrating our one year anniversary since we found each other and started our blog.

So in honor of this day, we have an amazing giveaway happening as well as my store is on sale for 20% off. We even have some freebies for you as well. Now who doesn't love some freebies.

Now I started thinking about what it was I wanted to celebrate. Today, I am celebrating the fun time I am having with my students.

For those that dont know, I teach in a Title 1 school. This year I have had lots of behavior problems so what is a girl to do.


I know! I know! That was not what you thought I would say. My kiddos have been tested and pushed that I decided they needed some fun. So we created some flapbooks and their whole world changed.

I love these kids and it is so much fun to what their faces light up when they read a funny story and can tell you character, setting, beginning, middle, and end. Now my original plan was to use Crankenstein but it did not come in until the day after we did the activity. We did however use the book Room on the Broom.

Click HERE to get your freebie.

Just print each page of the flap book in different colors and then staple together. Secretly, I didnt staple until the students were completely finished with the book. It made it so much easier.  I printed the bolts on different colors and let the students choose. This was a hit.

Well, thank you for celebrating with us. Now hop over to Sarah at Mrs. Barnett's First Grade. Make sure that you stop by The Primary Punchbowl to enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a Target gift card.