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About Me

It's so hard to talk about myself but here I go.

I started my teaching career in 2000 after many years of working at Kmart to get through college. I graduated from the Western Kentucky University in 1997. I subbed for quiet awhile as well.

I put in my application in the same county as my university. I had been on a ton of interviews in the county schools but no bites. I decided to apply in the city school system in the same county. I applied and the next day had a job interview. Then, 2 days later I had the job.

I was taking over a ladies classroom, who was becoming the school guidance counselor. My new team teacher was not happy at first to lose her best friend in the classroom but after a year, I couldn't imagine her not being there to teach me what she did.

I taught a 1/2 split class at Parker Bennett for 3 years and the superintendent at the time came in and said we were merging with another school in our district. I had to pack up the classroom in boxes that summer because they were tearing our building down to build a brand new one. If you knew about our school's neighborhood, these kids so needed a new building so I was super proud.

We moved in and stayed in the merging schools building for 2 years,teaching 2/3 split and then 2nd grade the last year,  until the new building was completed. I got to be apart of walking through and deciding on colors and themes. It was so much fun.

In 2005, the year I got married, we moved into our new building and changed the name to Parker Bennett Curry. We are currently in our 10 year in this new building. I have been a 2nd grade homeroom teacher. About 5 years ago, we started doing Project Child. I am currently in a cluster of 3 teachers who each teach Math, Reading, or Writing. I taught Reading for 3 years, taught writing for 3 years, and now I will be teaching 1st grade Math. I miss having my kiddos all day but I am grateful for the lesson I am learning through this experience.

I am a mommy and a wife so besides school, I have others to keep me hopping. I am new to blogging and TPTing. I just hope that you will enjoy what you read and will return often. If there are information that you would like me to blog about, then just click on Contact me and let me know. I am so glad that you decided to come and share my world.

Much Love