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New Year Activity

This week we returned from Christmas break. It was three days of excitement. I had made a unit on New Year Activities. It was fun to test it out on my kids. We made headband banners. Then we watch a brain pop video on winter holidays. Next we discussed the word resolution and made a list of goals we wanted for ourselves the rest of the school year. That took a lot of time,because I don't don't about your kiddos, but mine struggle with know that habit 2:Begin with the end in mind. They just understand that in life we all tend to make goals and work towards them. Anyway, I digress, they did real we'll on the unit. We are working on the extended response now.
I have taken a few pics from my hallway display and of a couple of kiddos. I am also have a pic of my hallway door display. I hope you enjoy it.

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