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Valentine Unit

      I'm so excited to introduce my new unit. I have been working really hard on it. It is on Math and Literacy. I hope that you guys in enjoy it. You can find it on my TPT page.
      In other news, a while (very long while), I said that I would tell you about the Whole Brain Score board and how I use it. Well the score board is a basic Tchart that has a smiley face on one side and a sad face on the other. Every time you see children following your directions, teaching each other, etc, you can give them a big "OH, YEAH!" tally mark. Well, in my room when they get 10 marks in a day, then get a cotton ball in their cup. Once the cup is filled then they are rewarded in some way. Well, my kiddos want my brownies. LOL! The score board is amazing. They do not like getting the "MIGHTY GROAN". It is better to fill that cup. This method works great for all 3 of the classes that I teach. If I forgot to mention, I teach K, 1, 2 Writing. So Whole Brain Has made teaching 70 kids way easier. Well, I hope in the next few days to give you a little preview of my kiddos and their  Partner work and how a lesson runs in my room. See ya in a few days. :)

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