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What at week!!!! I only had to work 2 days last week and it seemed like the longest week of my life. I need this break because I needed to regroup when it comes to my kindergarten writing class. They are progress like I need them to progress. This common core is so much more intense and I am just trying to teach to the best of my ability. Anyway, enough of that! I'm so excited because Monday and Tuesday is a big sale on TPT. I am throwing my store on sale with a 20% and with TPT giving close to another 10%. You can get 28% off. You can't beat that.
Also, I thought I would go ahead and link up with Deedee Wills and post my visual lesson plans. I spent the first day of my break in my classroom working and doing my plans. I also decorated my classroom for Christmas. The kids will come in to find Chris our Elf hanging in the lights. I will be fun to play with this group of kids. I hope those students who have a little behave troubles will have a great 15 days.
Sorry it looks crazy! Im learning this google drive format. Its a work in progress. Okay, I am off to fill my cart on TPT and get ready for tomorrow.

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