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3-day Weekend is a Coming

Well, it is a 3 day weekend for me. I am sure it is for most of you. I am very excited because it has given me time to upload a new product on my TPT store. It is all about letter review. I hope that you enjoy it.

On a side note. This will hopefully be a good weekend. I am breaking my son of his pacifier. He is 2 years old and is not really talking. So he is now is speech therapy. That is so hard for a momma who is a teacher. Does anyone out there understand that feeling? Anyway, I hope to get to relax and enjoy. I am working on a Valentine project for my next digital upload. if there is anything that you would love to see, let me know. Have an AWESOME weekend!!!!

In Picture and in Words

I am excited. I just bought a new book called In Pictures and in Words by Katie Wood Ray. I had heard different blogs mentioned how it had changes their "teaching life". So I was determined to get it. The last book to so that was Reading with Meaning & Teaching with Intentions by Debbie Miller. I hope it changes my life because this year I have only been teaching writing for K, 1, & 2. Anyway, I'll try and keep you up to date and give you a summary of the chapters as I read them.

Ps. I'm still working on my letter and number review. It is takin longer than I thought. I'll let ya know as soon as it is posted.

New Year Activity

This week we returned from Christmas break. It was three days of excitement. I had made a unit on New Year Activities. It was fun to test it out on my kids. We made headband banners. Then we watch a brain pop video on winter holidays. Next we discussed the word resolution and made a list of goals we wanted for ourselves the rest of the school year. That took a lot of time,because I don't don't about your kiddos, but mine struggle with know that habit 2:Begin with the end in mind. They just understand that in life we all tend to make goals and work towards them. Anyway, I digress, they did real we'll on the unit. We are working on the extended response now.
I have taken a few pics from my hallway display and of a couple of kiddos. I am also have a pic of my hallway door display. I hope you enjoy it.

A New Year

Well, I am so sorry for not posting pictures of my elf. In all honesty, my kids had me laughing so hard about it that I complete forgot. They were saying things like the "this room is magic!" or " Where will he be tomorrow? I can't wait!" Anyway, my Christmas break is over and I am heading back to work. It is so hard for me to leave my kids when I have had a long break. As I write this blog my 2 year old is laying against me and my 1 year old is asleep. These are moments to treasure.
I have just uploaded a New Year Activities set. Just stop by my TPT store and check it out. I hope that as you return to school, you have a great start back. Thanks for stopping by.