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What another Snow day and an AWESOME give way!!

So with this bitter cold weather that just came in, my district decided to call school off. Thank goodness because my car is trapped in my garage. LOL! Hopefully I will be able to get it unstuck by lunch time. Anyway, I wanted to share some things that I have been working on and hoping to get finished in the next few weeks. It seems I never have time with my little ones needing me. So, I am currently working on and interactive notebook focusing on rhyming. I have a do list of other projects.
1. Volume 2 of my Read it, Trace It, Draw It pack
2. Sight word Study
3. Interactive Grammar notebook
4. Arctic Animals unit
This is just a few of the ideas that Im trying to make come to life. Now onto the giveaway.
Just recently I discovered an awesome blog. It is call Mrs. Olson's Lucky Little Learners. If you have not gone and checked it out then, YOU NEED TOO! It is amazing. She is having a great giveaway. It is all about making a better community in your classroom with Rusty May and This the last chance to get in on the action but I would hurry. I am sending you a link to get there. HURRY! Oh, wait I already said that. LOL!


  1. Hi Melinda!! Thank you so much for posting giveaway (hosted by the awesome Mrs. Olson's Lucky Little Learners). Good luck!!
    - SchoolToolsTv

  2. Hey Melinda! Thank you for the shout out on our giveaway! You are so sweet to promote this for me!! Good luck to you!!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners