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A Neat Idea

So I was at school this morning and reading my lessons for the day. I was very curious to see that the new writing series that I was using didn't have any thing for writing a great lead or hook. So of course I immediately go on a search for something. I happened upon a really cool blog call Second Grade Sparkle. Well it was like Manna from Heaven Mrs. Daniels had AMAZING ideas for teaching the hooks. Anyway, I was reading her blog about writing and I notice a neat activity about Stretching your sentences. At that moment, a light bulb came on. I immediately thought what if this activity could be put on power point to be used on your smart boards or interwrite boards. The process began. I am offering a free download of her really cool idea. I contacted her today and she was super nice to help me with this whole blogging thing. I am soooo new to it and I didn't want to upset anyone.So, I am give you a link to a downloadable unit for 40 weeks of school. I am linking it to her idea on her website. I really hope that you will love it and will go and check out her site as well. Mrs. Daniels if you are reading this. Thank you again for your help and kindness. I really appreciate it.

Click here for a free copy.

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