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Instagram Linky Party

I am so excited. What the teacher wants and Apples and ABC's blogs is having a linky party. Teacher Talk Tuesday is coming. I have joined the fun. My name is @sassyteacher75. Come and join the fun. It should be a cool day.

Southern Kentucky Book Fair

We had such a fun field trip Friday. Every year our public library and the local Barnes & Noble have a Southern Ky Book fair. It is a chance for authors and illustrators to share how and why they do what they do. This year we saw illustrators Mark Wayne Adams and Stacy Curtis. We also listened to Mary Alice Monroe. The students got to make crafts and shop in the "book fair". We had sooo much fun. Here are the pics from our time. Hope you enjoy!

A Neat Idea

So I was at school this morning and reading my lessons for the day. I was very curious to see that the new writing series that I was using didn't have any thing for writing a great lead or hook. So of course I immediately go on a search for something. I happened upon a really cool blog call Second Grade Sparkle. Well it was like Manna from Heaven Mrs. Daniels had AMAZING ideas for teaching the hooks. Anyway, I was reading her blog about writing and I notice a neat activity about Stretching your sentences. At that moment, a light bulb came on. I immediately thought what if this activity could be put on power point to be used on your smart boards or interwrite boards. The process began. I am offering a free download of her really cool idea. I contacted her today and she was super nice to help me with this whole blogging thing. I am soooo new to it and I didn't want to upset anyone.So, I am give you a link to a downloadable unit for 40 weeks of school. I am linking it to her idea on her website. I really hope that you will love it and will go and check out her site as well. Mrs. Daniels if you are reading this. Thank you again for your help and kindness. I really appreciate it.

Click here for a free copy.

OMG: Whole Brain Teaching

I hope that you dont get too sick of me by the time I get to the end. I am soooo excited. There a "call" on facebook the other night about wanting a mentor for WBT. So, I quickly jumped on there and gave the information that was asked for. I am so excited to say that I know have a mentor. So, Nancy Stoltenberg if you are reading this. I thank you so much for your mentoring and help. I don't know about you but with the pressure that is on teachers and Common Core, I feel that it is important to have as many tools in my tool box as possible.
I am heading back from spring break on Monday and I feel that I will spend Sunday, adding a few slides to my Regions of the World PowerPoint and activities, rereading my plans, and WATCHING LOTS OF WBT VIDEOS. Sorry to shout but I am so in love this technique. My school has been doing this L2L (Learn 2 Learn) walk through. This is where teachers go into other teachers rooms and see if their classroom is engaging and if children understand what they are learning and why. Well, every time we come together as a staff, we all say the same thing. "It looks like we are all engaging our students." I say (in loud shouty capitals), "WHY ARE OUR TEST CORES SO LOW AND WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO CHANGE THAT?" I really feel the answer is WBT. I think that my school needs the change to internalize what they are learning and WBT will have strategies and techniques to help in that process. Our kids are starting behind the mark and I have to make sure that I can get them to where they are going (with or without principal support). I just had to say that. SORRY! Anyway, I will be reviewing behavior techniques and  hopefully adding some of the writing ones as well. (MAN, I miss having my 2nd graders all day.)Well, I  leave you with this, these babies need us to try with all our mights to help them to grow up and be the best they can be. I hope that I am leaving them with a legacy.