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I can't believe how fast the Thanksgiving break went. WAIT!!! I thought it was too long. By Friday, I was missing my students and was ready to go back and teach. I have found a new love for my calling called Teaching. A lot of that is due to the amazing people that I am meeting through Instagram and Facebook. There are so many teachers out there that make me feel it is okay to be me. To all of those teachers, I say thank you!!!!! So I take Mr. Greg's advice and shut the door and teach. That was such a statement back in October that really drove my passion back to the for front. Even though I teach in a school that is completely departmentalize, I have to do what is best for MY students. So I have "SHUT MY DOOR AND TEACH!" I am no longer feeling sorry that I am being me in my classroom. I have spent so much time trying to be what others wanted me to be. NOT NOW!!!!! I am Melinda King and I love teaching. I am going to DO what I FEEL is BEST for my students. 

 Okay, I'll get off my box and just tell you about my day. 

 Today started like a normal Monday. Students turned in their folders, made job choices, made lunch choices,put things away, sitting on the carpet to learn new stations, go to stations, and grammar time. Notice I didn't say Writing time. I'm getting to that part. Well, we were in the middle of a Possessive noun quiz because my 2nd grade Sassy Pants can't seem to get it right now. (YET! I'll explain that word in another post.) So, my principal came and told me that she forgot to tell our whole staff about a field trip that our district had paid for to see the local orchestra. We had to load the buses right away. It was a mad rush at my school. We were the last school there and the orchestra had to wait for us. UH OH!!! Once we sat down, then it was a wonderful experience. Here is a few pictures from that day.

This was a great gift that my district did for us! I always look forward to it. 

 I hope that you guys have been loading up on your TPT products. I know that I bought some great products to help me in my classroom for the next few weeks. My store is 20% off along with the site's big sale. My new product Loopy Loop-Christmas Edition is such a fun sight word game. You really should check it out. My kiddos were super excited to play today. 


One last thing before I go. Look forward to my Wednesday post. I have linked up with some awesome bloggers for a linky party. Come join our Pinterest fun and then later next week we will have another blog hop all about our Favorite Things (giveaway happening). I can't wait for you to read all about it. 
Starts Wednesday December 3rd
Starts Dec. 7th. Giveaway happening

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