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Monday Wrap UP and FREEBIE

Man, what a day! It has been a fun filled day of learning. I have been working on narrative writing for quite awhile. The kindergarten and 1st grade writing classes have been coming along and seem to be mastering those standards. My 2nd graders are still really struggling. I have had to pull out some kinder/1st grade lessons to help fill the gap for those 2nd grade kiddos. It just hurts me alot when they struggle. Does it you? Anyway, today we were working on building a narrative using only pictures in a Beginning, Middle, and End organizer. Click to Download this freebie.

What I have the students do is to think of a story that they want to tell. They draw what happens in the beginning, Middle, and End. I model for them what I am expecting. After I draw mine, I tell my story to them. I send them back to their seat and then they begin their work. I just do that on day 1. Day 2 I have them get their paper out and we get in a circle. I have the students number off 1, 2, 1, 2, etc. Then the ones get in the middle and make their circle while facing outwards. The two's stand in front of a 1. The 1's talk first and tell their story. Then the 2's tell their story. Once they have shared one time, then they count 5 students and move around the circle. They share the story again. When they finished sharing the 2nd time, I asked "Did you say or do anything different the 2nd time that you didn't do the first time." It took a bit but one student said,"Mrs. King, I added a detail." DING! DING! DING! By George I think they got it! Day 3 will be just taking the Beginning picture and putting it into writing. Day 4 will be the middle picture into words and Day 5 will be putting the final picture into words. Then I can spend a few days adding details and making their final copies. Fingers crossed that this method will help my 2nd graders. 

Now on to another part of my day! I was sitting at my desk at lunch and trying to make since of all the things that needed to get finished today. When I decided to check my email. I had to check my google mail on my Iphone because my district has it block on their server. (Seriously! I have yet to understand that!) When I opened the email, I saw Congrats! in the subject line. I quickly opened it and saw that I had won an AMAZING Science bundle from The Hands-on Teacher in First. I entered her giveaway on FB and never dreamed I could or would win. I am so blessed to have this because it will totally help me in working on these new Science Standards. You guys should really check her out! She has awesome post on FB and blog. 

The next thing that made this day great was that I uploaded 7 (YES, 7) new products to my store. I made 6 Fall Sight Word Flash Sets. Every set is $2 except the last one it is $3. I even bundled them all together for $10. The picture below is for the Bundle. I will leave links for all of the sets and the bundle. I am currently working on Fluency Passage Set now. I hope to have it finished tonight or tomorrow. 
Click here for the Bundle Set

Set 1 Preprimer:
Set 2 Primer:
Set 3 1st grade:
Set 4 2nd grade:
Set 5 3rd grade:
Set 6 Noun Set:

Well, I must go plan some more. I have a new motto courtesy of Hello Literacy Jen Jones. If you don't know her. OH, you are missing out. She is amazing! 

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