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Five For Friday

So I haven't done this in a while but it is time to get back on the linky party train. I am linking up with Doodlebugs for her 5 for Friday. Even though it is summer and I am officially out of school, I am going to try really hard to find something every week to join in.

So let me begin!

I am absolutely in love with summer. This is my favorite season. I know what your thinking! Your a teacher how can this be your favorite time. Well, I love to get brown and tan. I love to lay by a pool and read a book. I tell my husband all the time that I need to live by the beach. HMMMMMM, I may need to work on that. I better pray and see if that is God's plan. 

I am so excited to spend by summer with these cuties. I am trying to work on a schedule for them! (I know a schedule.) My son is in preschool and is going to have to go 2 months with no speech classes. So guess what, this teacher mommy has to be the speech teacher. Good thing I had some awesome SPLs that gave me some activities to do with him. I love these 2 so much. You would never know that they are 10 months apart. (That is a story for another day.)

I so love these people, although, I am missing another friend in this picture. They have been such an amazing support system for me this year. When I have felt wounded or defeated, they have been there. Reneta, Melissa, and Julie have really be amazing. I hope that I am half the team mate and friend that they are to me. 

I LOVE this calendar. I have made a calendar that is amazing for me. I have made it work for my needs. I already have some ideas to make it even better so when school starts back I will have my own planner. I am just debating about putting it in my TPT store

Lastly, I am thankful for the joy that this man brings to my life. Next to my husband, he is the only man that makes me flutter. That's right ladies! I LOVE DONNIE WAHLBERG!!!!! I love NKOTB!!! I am a blockhead through and through. :) I am officially the remix!

Hello Thursday!!!! You have been SO GOOD!

I know! I know! Melinda you are too perky this afternoon. Well, I have a reason to celebrate. In my last post I was telling you all about how my students are in a push for the research standards. Today was the day I taught them Power Point. THEY DID AMAZING!!!! Sorry to shout but I just feel like doing cartwheels and jumping up and down. Usually when we do our computer lab time (extra for Lexia, I will explain that in a minute) it is such a struggle to get them to just stay focused. Today in lab I showed them how to go through "the back door" of our next work so that the kids could use power point.

The shot above is what the kids see every time they try and log on. Today I should how to get around that and get to the power point program. They were so excited. Secretly, I was too! When we finished they got to work on Lexia. 

Lexia? What is that? We do Core 5 Reading Lexia at my school. The students are required to do 80 minutes a week. The research says that kids that master Lexia will be strong readers in the future. With my school being a Title 1 school, this program is important. The pictures below are some screen shots of some of the "games" they play in Lexia. I really like it. My 3 year old even does it and loves it. 

Okay I have rattled enough! This teacher is going to clean her desk and go home for the day!!!!