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Five For Friday

So I haven't done this in a while but it is time to get back on the linky party train. I am linking up with Doodlebugs for her 5 for Friday. Even though it is summer and I am officially out of school, I am going to try really hard to find something every week to join in.

So let me begin!

I am absolutely in love with summer. This is my favorite season. I know what your thinking! Your a teacher how can this be your favorite time. Well, I love to get brown and tan. I love to lay by a pool and read a book. I tell my husband all the time that I need to live by the beach. HMMMMMM, I may need to work on that. I better pray and see if that is God's plan. 

I am so excited to spend by summer with these cuties. I am trying to work on a schedule for them! (I know a schedule.) My son is in preschool and is going to have to go 2 months with no speech classes. So guess what, this teacher mommy has to be the speech teacher. Good thing I had some awesome SPLs that gave me some activities to do with him. I love these 2 so much. You would never know that they are 10 months apart. (That is a story for another day.)

I so love these people, although, I am missing another friend in this picture. They have been such an amazing support system for me this year. When I have felt wounded or defeated, they have been there. Reneta, Melissa, and Julie have really be amazing. I hope that I am half the team mate and friend that they are to me. 

I LOVE this calendar. I have made a calendar that is amazing for me. I have made it work for my needs. I already have some ideas to make it even better so when school starts back I will have my own planner. I am just debating about putting it in my TPT store

Lastly, I am thankful for the joy that this man brings to my life. Next to my husband, he is the only man that makes me flutter. That's right ladies! I LOVE DONNIE WAHLBERG!!!!! I love NKOTB!!! I am a blockhead through and through. :) I am officially the remix!

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