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It's a Wrap!

Welcome to my Monday Wrap Up! 

Well it has been a whirlwind weekend and Monday. I have been going nonstop since Friday night. I went to my church Friday and Saturday for a women's conference. At first I didn't know what I was taking away but after a day to reflect, I got it! 

Serving others is not just serving in a mission field but it is serving in your own home. I forget sometimes having small preschool age children that sometimes their needs to be met immediately. I sometimes let the needs of my husband fall. I need to serve within my home as well as outside it. #truth

Anyway, after being up all night with my puppy (who btw, peed in my bed last night all over me after I had taken him outside.) I was ready to teach my kids at school. 

I know it's hard for people to grasp that I teach K-2 Writing but I do. I truly miss having one grade. BUT, I knew that teaching new concepts I have double up on what and how I present. I knew I was gonna be teaching contractions to 2nd grade and stronger sentences to first. I found to awesome products from First grade Fever and Simply Creative in Ky. The Contraction Surgery and Sentence Surgery was fabulous choices for me. 

I needed to really step up and make this fun, so I asked on my personal Facebook page if anyone had some scrubs. I had a wonderful response. So, I laminated and cut and laminated and cut. 

I got myself ready go Monday morning. 
It was fun to hear the kids whisper about what I was wearing and why was I wearing it. I believe it was a hit. 

Here are a few pics from today. 

I even made an anchor chart for before I left for work. 
I absolutely love it!!! 
It has been a great day for surgery. 

I just wanted to remind you of the pet kinky party that started Sunday. There is prizes worth $225. You can't beat that. I hope you have linked up. 

I will say you definitely want to come back here 
Wednesday because I will be having my own giveaway for hitting the 500 followers on Instagram. I love you guys and want to do something to celebrate that. Y'all come back now!!!! Check it out!

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