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Wednesday Wrap Up..... Supplies

Hey guys! Sorry about missing last week. It was a wild week. I am trying to get my brain wrapped around what I need and want to share and schedule those. I would love if you would tell me what you would love to hear in the the Wednesday writing tip.

So let's get started. Today I wanted to share some things that use and do to organize my writing room. 

Now I understand most classrooms are not like my situation but maybe some of the things you see will inspire you and your room. 

I have 4 tables in my room and beside those tables are these rolling carts. You can see that I have K-2 all day. I have the kids color coded. Kindred are yellow. 1st grade blue. 2nd grade is red. They each have a writing folder in their drawer. I have writing word dictionaries that found at They have been super helpful. 

Now the white tub on top hold their leadership binders. At my school, they want every child to have a leadership binder. I can tell you about those another day. Anyway, when my sassy pants come in they place them in the tub and get ready for minute to win it. It's works great. When they have an assessment, we use the binders as dividers. This makes life simple. 

This picture shows what is on the table. I bought the basket and caddies at really Good Stuff. In the caddies, I put the pencils, markers, & color pencils. There is two glue sponges and crayon baskets. The blue empty basket now hold scissors for when we do interactive notebooks. The table stays neat and organized and I don't lose my mind. Lol!!! 

Now I know everyone says have different writing paper out. I'm all for that but I have no where for it to go. Plus, I just don't have the money for different types of paper. I won't even be getting any school money to purchase supplies. So with paying student loans, it just doesn't happen. It's the sore spot for me. :(

I'm not the best at organization but these are some things that really help me. It is the start of me making my room better. I hope these can help you too. 

Thx for stopping by. I can't wait to chat soon.  

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