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Exciting News

I'm so excited to come tonight for my Monday Wrap Up with some exciting news for me. 

So if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have been teaching either reading or writing for the last 10 years. I have mostly taught writing for 5 years. Well my principal came to me to say she wanted to restructure some of our clusters and decided that she wanted me to teach 1st grade Math. 

WHAT????? IM SO EXCITED! I have joked that I was going to forget how to teach math if I didn't do it soon. I will be teaching about 60, give or take, 1st graders. This will be such and adventure. 

I know my school is going to the Daily 5 and since I have already been doing it. I said I would learn more about the Daily 3. I'm super excited about that too!!! So if anyone has any advice when it comes to math just shoot it my way! 

I can't wait to share my adventure in the next coming school year. :)

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  1. Hi! I'm so happy for you! I love your excitement! Good luck!