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GoNoodle Teacher Meet Up

Hey guys! I hope all is well with you! I thought I would come today to share about the GoNoodle Teacher Meet Up that happened on September 11th.

Let me just say that this was F-U-N, FUN!!!! I had the best time. 

Now I Iove Nashville so I was excited that it was going to be there. How did that happen you ask? Well, buckle up and have a laugh! 

I had been seeing all these post about vote for a meet up! I wanted it to be in Nashville so I decided to start voting. I would vote here and there but nothing consistent. Then Mr. Greg was on Instagram and said everyone needed to vote for Nashville. I went back on and voted. This time I decided that I would check the standings. Nashville was in 6th place. We were like 20 points away from fifth. That was all it took. Now what I am about to say, I ask that you don't laugh to hard.

Wait for it........

Wait for it.......

I VOTED OVER 600 TIMES IN A 5 DAY PERIOD!  I know I have a problem. I would vote and then Nashville would get ahead. Then I would wait and check a few days later and then we would be behind. Then I would spend countless hours voting. I know! I know! I had a problem but hey they made it to Nashville.

The picture below are some of the fun times we had. I got connected to new teachers and met up with friends I hadn't seen in a while. Take time and enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by. 

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