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2gether We Are Better: Classroom Reveal

Hey everyone! School has been in full swing for me since August 3rd. It has been hard to sit on these pictures for so long. LOL! I have linked up again for this month's 2gether We are Better with Angie from Lucky Little Learners and Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd. 

This month is ...

When I said it was hard to wait on these pictures, I mean it! I am ready to share. 

Now in this picture my carpet is missing. Over the summer, the custodians decided my carpet was gross and refused to clean it. So, I got a new one. By the time these pictures were taken, it hadn't came in! This shot was taken from  my teacher desk looking at the door. 

This is taken from the classroom library! The door connected to my team member's room. 

Don't mind my son who had to get his water right then. Lol! 

This last picture is from my classroom door. I had a parent tell me at Opening house my room was warm and inviting. I was super excited to hear that. After reading Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller, that was nice to hear because it meant that my vision was happening. 

Now I'm sure your wondering about the carpet and if it ever came in. Well, it did! I'm gonna be real honest, I hate it! It is so ugly. Let me show you what I really wanted first. 

This is so me! 

Now on a positive side, my babies are not on a hard floor but here is what I got. 

Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing my room. If you get a chance read about others and link up with us. Remember 2gether We Are Better!!! 

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  1. Oh Melinda- I love your colours!!! That parent was so right- it looks like a cosy and inviting environment which your students will love learning in. I can't believe the difference in the carpets but I love that you have managed to find the positive in the disappointment! Have a wonderful back-to-school Xx