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Featured Teacher: Lisa Fain

I'm so excited today to link up for a new linky called Feature Teacher. 

This week is Lisa and Samatha! 

Samantha Gibby and Lisa Fain are the Primary Sisters

 Just like their name they are two sisters who teach first grade at the same school in 

small town in NC. They feel so blessed to get to teach with each other every day. Their 

blogging adventure began last summer as they were chosen as Pinnacle leaders for their 

county. These positions allow them to showcase best teaching practices through the use of 

technology in their classroom plus it also came with 20 Ipads (now do you see why they 

wanted to do this). Their TPT adventure also began last summer. As they were sitting in a 

hot tub at the Outer Banks, they began to think of resources they needed to best 

compliment their words their way spelling instruction. So since July they have been busy 

creating products, and they said no one told them how addicting it can be. Especially when 

colleagues come in and say, okay this is great! Using Even though they are far from their 

first TPT million, the excitement of creating materials that meet their students needs has 

been the force that keeps them going. Samantha and Lisa are married and both have 3 children. 

Their oldest sons are in college at NCSU and Appalachian State, but they are still busy with their 

other teenagers who cheer and play football for their local high school. They enjoy being active in 

their churches, traveling, feeding the football team each Friday night and surfing the internet. 

They feel so blessed to be on this awesome journey and are thankful for the wonderful teacher 

friends they are making along the way. 

These sisters are always looking for ways to make learning fun.

 One of their newest products are CVC word wheels. 

Click HERE

Students love making these word wheels during 

literacy stations to help them practice their spelling words.

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