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October Pinterest Pick 3

I am so excited to be back this month for October Pinterest Pick 3. Thanks again to Lisa from Pawsitively Teaching and Marissa from The Inspired Owls Corner for this awesome link up!

This month I was trying to think about ideas that I have been either working on or wanting to work on. 

My first choice is something that I am having to re-look at and revisit for this school year. That is long range plans. I have my math all planned out but now that my team is trying something new so it is causing me to have to rethink my long range plans. The picture below leads you to the amazing Tamara from Mrs. Russell's Room. Her long range plan template can really help me to rethink what I am doing. Click below the picture to head to the post all about it. 
Click HERE

Next is Fall decor. I took my sexy (yes, I had to use this word) NKOTB off my door. #BH4LIFE Anyway, I am thinking about redecorating my door. This post is all about finding those neat ideas for getting you in the fall mood. I have a feeling that during fall break, my kiddos and I will be creating a door. LOL!

Click HERE!

My last pin is something that I am going to use to help my students with missing numbers. We have been working on parts and whole use number bonds.  I am thinking that this could help them tremendously. 
Click HERE!
Okay, so there you have it! My top 3 picks for this month. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Now go hop around and get some more inspiration! If you love it, then copy the numbers and title pic and join our fun! Remember to find your tribe and LOVE them hard!!!!!


  1. Hi Melinda. I love the door decorating idea! Fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Heather from Mrs. Renz’ Class

  2. Love the long range planning template! Thanks for linking up and sharing such great ideas for October!

  3. I love the long term planning! I definitely need to do that to keep my teaching on track! And my kiddos need so much extra help mastering their facts- that sheet is so helpful! ! Thank you for sharing your pins and joining us! :)