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Coaching 2 Proficiency

Hey everyone! I hope your week has started off with a bang. I thought I would come to you today to let you know about something my school did to hopefully help our students to take testing more seriously. 

We call it......

This was a great time had by all. Tiring but fun!

This is my principal ready to meet the students for morning assembly. Today was all about coaching the students to make better choices when taking assessments. 

A few weeks ago we created scrimmage test like the state assessment. Normally the school just does it for 3rd-5th but this year K-2 was apart of it. I was super excited because sometimes I feel like the "littles" are not always looked at as part of the school. This made them take part in this process. 

Each classroom had a set plan for the coaching process. Here is the guidelines that the Mr. Jackson, our principal, gave us.

  • Discuss the most missed questions
  • Let students work together to solve the most missed questions and ask them why they feel it was missed.
  • Allow students to find the misconceptions and share with others.
  • Allow each student to explain why they missed certain question
  • Coach students that leaving answers blank is a NO NO.  Discuss steps to make educated guess. Teach student how to eliminate the answer they know are wrong and find the two that can be correct.
  • Ask students if they agree with their score and encourage them

The day was great but very tiring. I was exhausted by the end of the day. Now even though I say that, I would not trade this day for ANYTHING!!!! I absolutlely love discussing how they could improve their work.
I discussed with them the difference in being a Novice, Apprentice, Proficient, and Distinguished. I created some cute posters with percentage scores for the students to check their progress. I am super proud at how some of the students said they needed to make changes. 1st graders saying they need to do better. This makes this teachers heart smile.
So in honor of today's awesome experience, I am giving you my posters as a FREEBIE

Click HERE for Freebie

I hope that you enjoy them and use them with great pride. MUAH!!!!

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