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New Year's Resolutions

Hey! I'm so happy to be linking up with my friends Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach, Talk, Inspire for this New Year's Resolutions.

I know! It's the same thing every year. We all say we want to have resolutions and then a week or two into the new year we forget about them or we just don't care. Last year I made goals. Here they were! 

Okay let's talk about these goals. Well, I did get better with number 1. I joined Teaching Blog Traffic School and it helped me a lot. I am even considering resigning just to renewal of the mind. 
Number 2 is still a  juggling act. I have been working more once my kids go to sleep but man do I get super tired and get lazy and watch BRAVO. Are you feeling me? Can you relate?
Number 3 didn't happen and I was so sad about it. I told my husband this year, I was going. I have been saving the money I make from TPT and putting it aside. I won a $150 gift card to any store and I said a VISA so I could use it to register next month. I am going people. Orlando is 10 hours from my house and I am ready. Number 4 I don't know if I really helped anyone but 21 day fix and Autumn has really been helping me. LOL!

I have talked enough about my failings goals from last year. Now let's talk about what I hope to accomplish this year. 

So here they are. I am ready to tackle them. Let's talk a little about these goals. Hang with me I will try and be brief. 
1. Lose the last 50 lbs. If you are new to my blog or really don't know a lot about me, well almost 3 years ago, I had a gastric sleeve surgery. I dropped from 382lbs to 225lbs. Well like all things I have put some weight back on from poor choices but most is from the weights that I have been lifting. 

2. Detox once a month. I sometimes feel sluggish and when I take time to detox, I always feel better. So basically, I fast for about a week and I drink only protein drinks and then I feel good. 

3. Create for my kiddos and TPT. Listen I know we all hope to be a Deanna Jump and make a million dollars on TPT but I am just going to keep it real. I am not doing this just to make a quick buck. Now don't take that the wrong way. I am not saying Deanna is. I'm just saying that sometimes, I watch social media and I see people advertising the crap out of themselves and I dont want to be that person. I want to create because it will be great for my students and if you like it and can use it then great!!! I want to make things for me and not to be a publishing company. Does that make sense?

4. Make it to TPT conference. Well as I stated a the top. I am saving now. I hope to meet so many awesome teachers who inspire me and to make friends with some new ones. 

5. Pay myself a dollar every time I work out. I am going to do this because I figure it will help me to save moneyfor the TPT conference or new clothes. 

6. BE ME! This is very important. I am sassy but can be very tenderhearted. I am a people pleaser sometimes. I don't want to be a cookie cutter. I just want to be me and enjoy/embrace who and what God made me to be. 

Okay there you have it. My resolutions or goals as I prefer to say. I am super excited that you stopped by and checked it out. 

Now if you are enjoying this and would like to join in. Just snag the banner at the top and the picture below. 

Share what your goals are and link up with us. Thank again guys! Thanks for the support and the love. I am so blessed to have you!!!!!! 


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! Go you!! You inspire me!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  2. Melinda,
    What an amazing journey you have had! You look wonderful! We just love your idea to pay yourself to work out! That would sure get us up and going!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Happy New Year!
    Ashley and Brooklynn

  3. Melinda, you are an incredible person and I'm so proud of your journey and everything you have accomplished! I think your resolutions are great and I wish you all the luck as you work towards achieving them. :) Happy New Year!

  4. What fantastic resolutions! Being you is super! What an inspiration you are in your weight loss journey and I know you will lose that last 50! I am so with you on TpT, I feel exactly the same way. I do it for me and my kiddos and if someone else can use it too terrific! Good luck with all of your goals and wishing you a super 2016! Hugs my fellow punchie!

    Luv My Kinders