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Featured Teacher: Amber Unger

Grab your beverage of choice and settle in for another exciting round of Featured Teacher Tuesday!  

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This week our featured teacher is Amber Unger, a first grade teacher who shares real estate with the Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers, lots of cows, and many beer breweries.  Yep!  You guessed it; Amber is a proud educator in Wisconsin.  She is in her 7th year of teaching: 4 years in Kindergarten, 2 years in ESL, and 1 year in first grade so far.  Amber never thought she would find a grade level that made her happier than Kindergarten, but she quickly learned this school year that first grade is the place to be!


Her “home” away from home looks like this:

And she shares her real home with these men:


Amber has been blogging since 2011.  You will definitely want to stop by her blog, Mrs. Unger's Unbelievable Elementary Experiences, for years worth of great teacher tips, student-centered ideas, and fun photos!IMAG2303.jpg

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You will also want to swing by Amber’s Teachers Pay Teachers store, as all of her products are free!  Amber has a dream to find TIME to make products that she feels are worthy of selling, but until then - enjoy the freebies (currently 59) in her newly updated TPT store.  Here are a couple of examples:

You can also follow Amber in these ways, too:

Be sure to stop by our Featured Teacher Tuesday linky party next week to learn about another fabulous first grade teacher: Misty!  (Can you believe next week is November already!?)

Featured Teacher: Miss Jenny

Its Tuesday! So you know that means. It is time for another installment of Featured teacher. So do you use songs in your classroom? If not, now’s the time to start!

Introducing Jenny Kramer, also known as “Miss Jenny.” Her “Edutunes” make singing with children as simple as pressing “play”—No musical experience necessary!

Click Here to head to her store!

Jenny began creating her “Edu-tunes” nineteen years ago, after learning about the research. According to study after study, children learn more, remember more, and ENJOY learning more with educational songs. Along with teaching full-time for almost two decades, “Miss Jenny” has piloted her songs with 80 teachers and 1500 students South Bay Union School District in San Diego, CA. She has also given professional development speeches across the U.S. for the Bureau of Education and Research, the Institute for Educational Development, and Staff Development for Educators. Her work inside the classroom, along with her work with other professionals, has helped her to make the songs truly teacher-friendly, fun for kids, and effective as learning tools.
Click Here to grab this!
Jenny just created a NEW “Halloween” song, along with lots of materials to promote literacy. Preview her new song HERE , or click HERE for her giant DELUXE “Halloween Literacy Fun” package, including the song and dozens of additional materials—currently on sale for 50% off!
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Miss Jenny’s “Edutunes” educational songs help children to learn every aspect of the curriculum. Common Core 1st Grade Math teaches EVERY SINGLE first grade standard in 38 songs. You can listen to song samples here:
Click HERE to grab this!
Her Phonics Time CD-book set teaches everything from simple letters and sounds to advanced phonics concepts through 28 songs.
Ready for some FREEBIES?
Click HERE

Miss Jenny has posted the “Magic E” song from Phonics Time for FREE here:
She is also giving away her “Butterfly” song and packet for a limited time here:
Click HERE
This fun song—complete with motions—makes high-level concepts comprehensible to young children.
***Miss Jenny has started giving MONTHLY $25 TpT Give-Aways. You can enter to win in 5 ways:
  1. Follow her on TpT:
  2. “Like”, Inc. on Facebook:
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  5. Check out her BLOG here:
Finally, send a note in response to her blog, or to, to let her know you want to enter 5 times.
Happy Singing!

Featured Teacher: Liana Davis

Its Tuesday and its time for Feature Teacher.

Liana Davis from Love Learning with Liana is living her dream as a first grade teacher. All her life, she has dreamt of teaching little kids to dream big and love learning, and her dream has been a reality for 4 years now! She teaches with the core concept of providing social justice to students that were just like her when she was a child. An immigrant, a non-native English speaker, and from a family that lived modestly.  She knows that every student has the capacity to learn, and she harnesses that ability to see her students shine. To read more about her teaching philosophy, you can read it here
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Only two of her 4 years teaching have been in first grade, but she couldn’t imagine teaching anything else. She loves the unscripted feel of first grade.  Besides first, she has also taught Kindergarten, and high school English.
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Liana is also a newlywed, and she got married in January 2015 to her college/bible study sweetheart.  If you would like to see pictures from her wedding, click here.  At that time, she was teaching high school English, and she didn’t spend quite as much time cutting, pasting, and creating fun activities for a primary classroom.  With so much free time on her hands, March 2015, she decided to sell on TPT. She was always creating products for her classroom, and she thought why not share them with the world!

If you know Liana, then you know that she never sits still, much like every other teacher who takes on the task of teaching full time, blogging about it, and creating products for Teachers Pay Teachers. To find Liana’s store, click here.

Other than teaching, blogging, and TPT, she loves to spend time with her family in Los Angeles, and explore her new city with her new husband in San Diego.

Liana’s most popular product is the Book Report for Grades 1-3.
Click HERE to see.
Her latest two products are Unit 2: Addition Math Printables  
addition printables.png
Click HERE

and Fall Fluency, Phonics, and Writing Activities.
Fall Fluency.png
Click HERE
Wanna know more and have access to freebies?! Follow her at:
Teachers Pay Teachers:

Primary Punchbowl Fall Blog Hop & More

 Welcome to the Primary Punchbowl introduction hop, giveaway and sale!


Okay now that I have stopped yelling, I will tell you why. Several months ago, a few ladies and I got together and create a secret group on Facebook called Tpt friends. After months of being their for each other, we joked we needed a name.  Hence, the Primary Punchbowl was born. These ladies are amazing!!!!!!!!! There is not enough exclamation points in the world to express how much I love these ladies and their knowledge as educators.  When Angie from Lucky Little Learners and Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd went to Vegas and talked about finding your tribe, we knew we had that tribe in each other. So with that, Find your tribe and love them hard.

Every time we thought about launching our blog, it never seemed to be the right time. Other blogs were doing giveaways and hops and we just didnt want to blend in. We want you to come and enjoy each of our individual blogs as well as the collaborative blog. 

Now when get to the end of this post, there will be a chance for you come and hop over to the Primary Punchbowl. When you get there, I want you to look at the amazing work that Jessica from Pride and Primary did in designing our blogs. (I think she has a future in designing and clipart!) Please make sure to give  her some love. 

Okay, I know you didnt come to here be gush about these ladies. So, lets get started with why you came. 

Oh, I won't lie! I do not like fall. This is only because I don't like winter. Fall is a reminder of me that fall is coming. Okay, I fall a little, If I could just keep winter away, I would be one happy camper. Now when it comes to fall and my classroom, I do love the activities that that brings. This past year, I got a chance to be apart of a "Let's shame Yahoo for saying ugly things about student artwork!" You see Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasbord makes these cute paper plate turkeys. These little ones paint and put their heart into them. Well Yahoo put on their site last year that they were art work fail. So Greg asked his followers to consider making them and flood social media and twitter with them. Well I was happy to make my mark. This year, I am going to incorporate math into the turkeys. 

Who wouldn't love these cute turkeys? I am planning on them completing so many addition and subtraction problems to earn the parts of their turkey.  So, this year there could be some  wild looking turkeys.

Now onto my freebie. I am giving one of my favorite products away for free during this week.This product will go back to $2.50 after this week. This awesome game that my kiddos play is called Loopy Loop. The object of the game is to read at least 5 to 10 sight words correctly to win. If you draw a loopy loop card then you have to replace all your cards to the bag. I made a video to help explain the game. 

Click HERE to grab a copy.

With all this excitement, I am having my 4 featured products on sale for 50% off. Let me tell you about those items. 

Click HERE for this!

This is my Spelling Homework packet. I created this because I wanted homework to be fun for kids. There are some basics like ABC order or write the words but I threw in Word Art . I wanted my students to be excited about learning their words.

Click HERE for this.

My next featured product is my Fall Sight Word Bundle. It is all Dolch words that can be printed and put on rings for you children to practice. Each list is a different picture so that you can easily see where your students are in knowing their words.

Click HERE for this.

This is my 2nd product I had ever made. It was all about how a pumpkin is a gourd. It has slides that are facts about pumpkins. Plus, there are graphic organizers to use with a variety of pumpkin books.

The last feature product is my most popular.
Click HERE for this.
This product was a labor of love for me. I had children that struggled with how to write paragraphs so I created this to help them discover that writing them were easy peasy. This unit has several different ways for students to create paragraphs. I have the 5 finger method, 4 square method, and build a paragraph from scratch. Also, I have a large anchor chart for you to display as well as a small one for interactive notebooks.

Now let's get to the extra fun stuff. THE GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

I am giving away a $25 gift card to TPT! Who doesn't want to win something that awesome? Just click on the rafflecopter and enter to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now after you have entered, hop along to the other blogs and meet each of us at the Primary Punchbowl. Make sure that you check out the collaborative blog because we are giving away a pair of Kendra Scott earrings. The are totally adorable!!!!!!

Winner Wednesday: Sight Word Bundle

They everyone! It's that time again. Its Winner Wednesday. An awesome linky started my fab friend Jennifer from A Dab of Glue Will Do

This week I am giving away one of my bundles. We all know that sight words can sometimes be an issues for students. So why not do it in a fun way! I took the Dolch word list and and placed them on cute pictures. 

I print each set and place them on a set of ring. Then when students are finished with them work, they can go grab a ring and begin practicing those words. Who wouldn't love that? 

Now each set is a different picture so that you won't have any confusion. You will be able to see if a child is on the same list for a long period of time. 

If this is something that you would like to win, then jump to the rafflecopter and leave me your name and email. I will pick a winner tomorrow morning. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to be a part of Winner Wednesday?
This linky party will take place on the first Wednesday of every month. I would love for you to join in on the fun and have a chance to win some awesome products for FREE! 
Here is how to link-up:
1. Save the 'Winner Wednesday' images to your computer.
2. Create a blog post about one product from your store. Try to include authentic pictures, not just pictures from your TpT store, if possible.
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4. Set up Rafflecopter to run for the entire day of Wednesday {Please only require name for entry}.
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6. Don't forget to check out the other Winner Wednesday products that have been shared and leave comments on any that you particularly like!

Featured Teacher: Lisa Fain

I'm so excited today to link up for a new linky called Feature Teacher. 

This week is Lisa and Samatha! 

Samantha Gibby and Lisa Fain are the Primary Sisters

 Just like their name they are two sisters who teach first grade at the same school in 

small town in NC. They feel so blessed to get to teach with each other every day. Their 

blogging adventure began last summer as they were chosen as Pinnacle leaders for their 

county. These positions allow them to showcase best teaching practices through the use of 

technology in their classroom plus it also came with 20 Ipads (now do you see why they 

wanted to do this). Their TPT adventure also began last summer. As they were sitting in a 

hot tub at the Outer Banks, they began to think of resources they needed to best 

compliment their words their way spelling instruction. So since July they have been busy 

creating products, and they said no one told them how addicting it can be. Especially when 

colleagues come in and say, okay this is great! Using Even though they are far from their 

first TPT million, the excitement of creating materials that meet their students needs has 

been the force that keeps them going. Samantha and Lisa are married and both have 3 children. 

Their oldest sons are in college at NCSU and Appalachian State, but they are still busy with their 

other teenagers who cheer and play football for their local high school. They enjoy being active in 

their churches, traveling, feeding the football team each Friday night and surfing the internet. 

They feel so blessed to be on this awesome journey and are thankful for the wonderful teacher 

friends they are making along the way. 

These sisters are always looking for ways to make learning fun.

 One of their newest products are CVC word wheels. 

Click HERE

Students love making these word wheels during 

literacy stations to help them practice their spelling words.

October Pinterest Pick 3

I am so excited to be back this month for October Pinterest Pick 3. Thanks again to Lisa from Pawsitively Teaching and Marissa from The Inspired Owls Corner for this awesome link up!

This month I was trying to think about ideas that I have been either working on or wanting to work on. 

My first choice is something that I am having to re-look at and revisit for this school year. That is long range plans. I have my math all planned out but now that my team is trying something new so it is causing me to have to rethink my long range plans. The picture below leads you to the amazing Tamara from Mrs. Russell's Room. Her long range plan template can really help me to rethink what I am doing. Click below the picture to head to the post all about it. 
Click HERE

Next is Fall decor. I took my sexy (yes, I had to use this word) NKOTB off my door. #BH4LIFE Anyway, I am thinking about redecorating my door. This post is all about finding those neat ideas for getting you in the fall mood. I have a feeling that during fall break, my kiddos and I will be creating a door. LOL!

Click HERE!

My last pin is something that I am going to use to help my students with missing numbers. We have been working on parts and whole use number bonds.  I am thinking that this could help them tremendously. 
Click HERE!
Okay, so there you have it! My top 3 picks for this month. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Now go hop around and get some more inspiration! If you love it, then copy the numbers and title pic and join our fun! Remember to find your tribe and LOVE them hard!!!!!