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Organizing your Field Trips

Hey everyone! I am so sorry that it has been awhile. I have been trying to channel my inner Ashley Schroeder and work ahead so that I can plan more effectively. #beintentional

Today, I wanted to share with you that I have started doing in my classroom that has really helped me with my field trips. It is a Field Trip Form & Checklist Binder! Now if you hate binders, you are probably saying, "OH GOSH! NOT ANOTHER BINDER!" But, if you are like me, YOU are jumping up and down and yelling, "WHOO HOO!!!! A BINDER!!!" Let me tell you how this all came about.

I had always sent home forms and collected the money. I checked it off on a checklist that I generically made in my attendance book. I kept them all paper clipped together in my top drawer of my desk until the field trip was over. I would come back from the trip and throw it out. Now close your eyes and image the horror of these papers being waded from the drawer or me accidentally moving them to another drawer and forgetting that I had done this. Picture the panic at night of did I mark that child paid for. The panic of asking kids (who never remember) did they pay for the trip. Yes this has been my life for 15 years.

 I decided to take control of the madness and create something that would help not look like a crazy person. Thus, the Field Trip binder was formed.

I'm going to go over some of the items that I have in the binder and why I have them. 

The first section is the signed forms from my parents. 

This is an obvious section. When I place them in this section, I place them on number order. At the beginning of the year, I give each child a number for everything. So when I file their forms, I mark them paid and place the signed forms in this section. 

The next section is the checklist. This is a simple does document that I mark the form and money on. I just put a plus sign or a check mark. I mark where the forms are for as well. 

The next section is the bus seating chart. I keep seating charts that I prepare at the beginning of the year as well as a blank copy. 

Sometimes when new students some to my class I have to adjust so having them saved electronically helps so I quickly make changes and print to add to the binder. 

The next section is the Money Receipt Forms. 

I don't know how your school works but at my school we have a receipt form we MUST turn out money in on. I keep blank copies in this section so if another teacher needs on or I need it, then it is always available. 

The next section is my extra Field Trip forms. 

I always have a parent or a student who ask for another copy of the field trip form. I try to keep 5-10 copies of the current trips form in this section. This is a life saver and saves me from rushing to the copier. 

The last section is my Emergency Contact section. 

This section is just what it says it is. On my field trip forms I have emergency numbers. I keep those numbers on notebook papers in this section. They are easy to access at anytime. 

This binder will travel with me on our trips and help keep me organized. I hope this will give you a thought to create one your self. If you like this idea and the forms, let me know, I'll add it to my TPT store. Just comment below and let me know. 


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