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Well, I am so excited! I have been trying since March to get into my blog. Do you know how much good stuff I have missed sharing with you? Anyway, I am back and super excited.

Life is at a whirlwind since we lasted chatted so I wanted to give you an update.

1. I will be staying in 1st grade next year but not just teaching Math. I AM GETTING TO BE SELF-CONTAINED AGAIN!!!! I am so excited.
2. My interim principal was officially hired as the principal of the building and I'm so excited. I feel that a light is coming to our school and real changes will happen.
3. My other teammates retired and I was left alone. So my school has hired me some awesome new teachers. I cannot wait to work with this team. We are going to rock 1st grade.
4. I am working summer school for the next 4 weeks.
5. I am going to flexible seating. I am super excited about that. I just can't wait to test it out let you know about how it is going.
6. My vacay will be coming at the end of summer school and I won't return until Opening day on August 8th.

Okay, I have talked your ear off. I am so excited to be back. Get ready, I am ready to share some fun in the summer sun with you!.

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