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A week of 2nd grade Writing

This has been a whirlwind of a week. I will say that I have awesome 2nd graders. They have really been trying to show those those 7 habits of the leader in Me. I have been using my class dojo to give green "positive" leader points. They love using my phone to help collect points. This week we having been workin on the action part of a sentence. They had mastered the naming part and even impressed my principal  (if you knew her, you would know that is hard to do, especially when it comes to me.) Anyway, next week we will be focusing on the types of sentences and deciding if something is a sentence or not. 
I did have a meeting this week (third wk of school) and my sweet babies made me proud. I told them on the 1st day of school that our goal was WHEN A SUB IS IN THE ROOM, ACT AS THOUGH MRS. KING IS STILL HERE! Well guess what! They did it! I'm one proud teacher. I feel like this is a great start o a great year. 
Next week, ill talk about my 1st grade writing class. Have an awesome weekend!

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