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Blog Challenge.....WHAT?

Well, today I decided to give myself a blog challenge. I am going to try and blog something everyday(school weekdays) for the month of August. This will be a big challenge but I think that I can do it. So this morning I thought I would share with you about my first few days of school. My district had our Opening day on Monday. I just have to say that I absolutely love working for Bowling Green Independent School District. There are just no words to describe how awesome my district is. Just click on our name if you would like to check out our website. Anyway, I dont know how your opening day goes but ours starts with a vendor fair and several presentations, ending with a pep talk from our superintendent. This year our focus is "The Importance of a Name". A little later I'll share the 12 items that students said that they wanted from us teacher everyday. It is a great reminder.
     So the first 2 days have happened and I dont know why but I always get a little nervous even though I already knew my students. The hardest part of the day is all the procedures that have to be reviewed. By the end of the day, my legs were swollen. This is not good when you have to go for a 3 month check after having a gastric sleeve surgery. Anyway, the first 2 days have been good. I have met a few new faces. I absolutely love them. I am so ready to see them learn and grow. It will fun to see them become independent learners. Well, I am off to school to get ready for my sweet angels. :)

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