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A week of 2nd grade Writing

This has been a whirlwind of a week. I will say that I have awesome 2nd graders. They have really been trying to show those those 7 habits of the leader in Me. I have been using my class dojo to give green "positive" leader points. They love using my phone to help collect points. This week we having been workin on the action part of a sentence. They had mastered the naming part and even impressed my principal  (if you knew her, you would know that is hard to do, especially when it comes to me.) Anyway, next week we will be focusing on the types of sentences and deciding if something is a sentence or not. 
I did have a meeting this week (third wk of school) and my sweet babies made me proud. I told them on the 1st day of school that our goal was WHEN A SUB IS IN THE ROOM, ACT AS THOUGH MRS. KING IS STILL HERE! Well guess what! They did it! I'm one proud teacher. I feel like this is a great start o a great year. 
Next week, ill talk about my 1st grade writing class. Have an awesome weekend!

Epic fail

So I was challenging myself to blog everyday for the month of August. As you can see, I did not to well. Anyway, I'm gonna start small and try and blog this week about my adventures with my home room (2nd grade). I hope to share some insight on my new love of Whole Brain Teaching. I hope to make a video to see how I'm doing and hopefully my mentor Nancy will give me some feedback. I hope to make a few videos on WBT so that you can see how awesome it is with students. Well I'm off to plan a little more. Happy Sunday!

Blog Challenge.....WHAT?

Well, today I decided to give myself a blog challenge. I am going to try and blog something everyday(school weekdays) for the month of August. This will be a big challenge but I think that I can do it. So this morning I thought I would share with you about my first few days of school. My district had our Opening day on Monday. I just have to say that I absolutely love working for Bowling Green Independent School District. There are just no words to describe how awesome my district is. Just click on our name if you would like to check out our website. Anyway, I dont know how your opening day goes but ours starts with a vendor fair and several presentations, ending with a pep talk from our superintendent. This year our focus is "The Importance of a Name". A little later I'll share the 12 items that students said that they wanted from us teacher everyday. It is a great reminder.
     So the first 2 days have happened and I dont know why but I always get a little nervous even though I already knew my students. The hardest part of the day is all the procedures that have to be reviewed. By the end of the day, my legs were swollen. This is not good when you have to go for a 3 month check after having a gastric sleeve surgery. Anyway, the first 2 days have been good. I have met a few new faces. I absolutely love them. I am so ready to see them learn and grow. It will fun to see them become independent learners. Well, I am off to school to get ready for my sweet angels. :)

Five for Friday....

except I'm doing mine on Saturday. LOL!!!

So here are my five

1. I did my first 5K/2 mile walk today. My district does one every year. Most of the time I don't do it because it is always schedule the weekend before we go back to school. This year, however, I decided that I am proud to be a Bowling Green Purple and I really want to get more involved in our district events. I may even convince my husband to go to a football game. 

2. I have been in love with laying out and swimming. Once a week my babysitter has come over and watched the kids so I can have mommy time. You ladies know what I mean.These are not my legs.

3. I have am so excited because I have my classroom completely finished and ready for the first week of school. I have been teaching for 13 years and I have never had that happen. I have really planned this year. I'm excited. 

4. I am loving the following app on my phone. It has been the best thing for me. I have been walking every day since summer break began. This app has been a life saver. Its called Map my Walk. LOVE IT!!!!

5.Lastly, I had a gastric sleeve surgery and it will be 3 months on August 9th. I am so excited because I have already lost 71lbs!!!!! I am loving that I can cross my legs. It is the little things that make me happy. Once again not my legs! LOL!

Well, I have enjoyed this. I hoping to add more of these Friday fives as the school year progress. 

Back to school time

Well the room preparation has begun. I have awesome custodial staff. They put most of my furniture back so now it's just bulletin  boards and  planning. I thought I'd share some pictures.