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Let the Researching Begin.....

This has been such a busy couple of weeks. The 2nd graders are starting a unit about researching. I spent my entire spring break "blog stalking" as I like to call it, to get some ideas of how I wanted to spend my time. I happen to come across The Inspired Apple and her informational writing. I used this as a jumping off point with my students. We are currently working on a group research project and will begin looking at how to ask those questions we want to answer. Next week they will be working on writing down those questions and organizing them into categories. I am pretty excited about this unit because I am so looking forward to our end product. So here is the plan!

1. We are working on a research assignment together.
2. We are going to research our own topic of choice.
3. We are going to learn and use power point.
4. We are going to take our power point and place it into Animoto. (If you don't know about it, then learn because I am SOOOOOOO excited about.)
5. We are going to turn our Animoto presentation into a QR code. Oh, yes you read that right! We are going to end the year Tech savvy. 

This is a lot to do with only 5 1/2 weeks left but I am determined to go out with a bang. 

I am uploading some pictures of some of my students as they are researching the class paper. I will keep informed on how did it. I will even try and upload to my TPT store some of the organizers we used in this process. It will be a product that will be FREE!  

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