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Fun With Kinders

Hey everyone! It's Melinda your Sassy Teacher. I thought I would come today and tell you about some fun that I'm planning for my kinders. Since I see k-2 for writing, I have been really struggling with making kinders more engaging and to have them ready for 1st grade. So, I have  been reading blogs and watching Pinterest ( who isn't addicted to it?) trying to find some fun ideas for them. Well I thought color noodles and a sensory box. Some of my kinders have been struggling still with letters and sounds. I just drill and practice with some of them. I have 3 that are still missing letters. The rest of the class has been really working hard on sight words. I'm proud to say that out of 19 students, 16 of them know all 13 words we have learned. So I am making a sensory box using color noodles and sight words inside them. I colored some noodles tonight. I will definitely have to buy more. I hope they have as much fun as I am having getting it ready. If anyone has more ideas to do with sensory boxes please share. I am very excited about how I'm teaching now with these kinders. 

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