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My Teacher Bucket List

Yep you read that right, I made a a teacher bucket list. It's  just a list of things that I want to accomplish. Some may not seem like teaching specifically but it relates to teachers. Here is a copy of my list. 

As you can see I got to mark one item off the list. I was so thankful to get to chat with Greg Smedley-Warren from Kindergarten  Smorgasbord. It was great to get to talk "shop" and to just share in the passion of teaching. I feel like I made a life long friend. I hope to someday to inspire others the way he inspires me. Thanks Mr. Greg! 

I want to end by saying I hope that you think about making your own Teacher Bucket List. It may just help you make those professional goals. 

Much Love, 
Melinda aka Sassyteacher75

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