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Wordless Wednesday

Hey everyone! It's Melinda your Sassy Teacher. I am coming to you tonight because I am linking up with Miss DeCarbo for Wordless Wednesday. I thought I would share my pictures of my Kindergarten Writing class working in stations for the first time this week and my 2nd graders are on the computers doing Lexia and Imagine Learning.  At my school every grade is suppose to get an extra hour a week for Lexia or Imagine Learning (ELL students). I love both of those programs. They are great in helping students with their reading and with helping their understanding of the English Language. If you get a chance to check these programs out, I would. They are AMAZING!!!!
I hope this will help you in the future.

Sassy Teacher

Fun With Kinders

Hey everyone! It's Melinda your Sassy Teacher. I thought I would come today and tell you about some fun that I'm planning for my kinders. Since I see k-2 for writing, I have been really struggling with making kinders more engaging and to have them ready for 1st grade. So, I have  been reading blogs and watching Pinterest ( who isn't addicted to it?) trying to find some fun ideas for them. Well I thought color noodles and a sensory box. Some of my kinders have been struggling still with letters and sounds. I just drill and practice with some of them. I have 3 that are still missing letters. The rest of the class has been really working hard on sight words. I'm proud to say that out of 19 students, 16 of them know all 13 words we have learned. So I am making a sensory box using color noodles and sight words inside them. I colored some noodles tonight. I will definitely have to buy more. I hope they have as much fun as I am having getting it ready. If anyone has more ideas to do with sensory boxes please share. I am very excited about how I'm teaching now with these kinders. 

My Teacher Bucket List

Yep you read that right, I made a a teacher bucket list. It's  just a list of things that I want to accomplish. Some may not seem like teaching specifically but it relates to teachers. Here is a copy of my list. 

As you can see I got to mark one item off the list. I was so thankful to get to chat with Greg Smedley-Warren from Kindergarten  Smorgasbord. It was great to get to talk "shop" and to just share in the passion of teaching. I feel like I made a life long friend. I hope to someday to inspire others the way he inspires me. Thanks Mr. Greg! 

I want to end by saying I hope that you think about making your own Teacher Bucket List. It may just help you make those professional goals. 

Much Love, 
Melinda aka Sassyteacher75

Fan Freebie

I am so sorry to be MIA this past month. It has been a beautiful but stressful time. I am getting my barrens while working with a new team. I miss my old team but change is good right?  Anyway, I thought I would come and offer a fan freebie on my Facebook page. Just click on the Fan Freebie tab.I don't know about all of you out there but Parent teacher conferences are coming soon. So,  I am offering my Parent Teacher Conference pack. It has forms that will help you get organized for that fun filled night. I have forms in Spanish as well. I have had our translators at school check the translation to make sure they are correct. I hope that you enjoy it and you find it helpful. I have some more plans for this blog and I can't wait to share with you. Keep tuned in! I am excited!
Facebook Fan Freebie