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YET: A Mindset Change

I have tried so many times to sit down and write a blog post about the power of that word YET! Every time I tried, I would just stop. It never felt like the right. Then last night, an amazing follower named Susan asked me on Facebook about it when she saw a picture of my interwrite board.

Here is a closer look at it!

I started using this word at the end of the school year last year. I saw children really changing who they were as students. 

Now before I explain, let me tell you how I got to this point. 

Several months ago, Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasbord wrote a blog post about the word because. Jen Jones from Hello Literacy had spoken at his school in October and really talked about how when we use why with students, it creates a panic in them. When we say because it opens the conversation and makes it more positive. To read more about that, Click HERE! So that leads me into YET! 

I had read lots of articles about mindset but last summer my district offered a PD talking mindset and writing. I signed up and went. I sat and listened to all the discussion about fixed and growth mindset. Fixed doesnt want to change and Growth see what they can do to change. 

What? We can change our minds? This was so unique to me. I know it sounds silly but this just really changed ME. I teach in a school with children who come to school not knowing their names sometimes or how to recognize their names. I hear voices say," They don't know their names?" 
Yep! I have had students that didnt call their names. So, when they come to school, they just fill that they will never improve. Well, I cant sit back and let a child feel that way. I have struggled for years to figure it out. WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THEM?

That is where the word YET comes in. After the workshop, they discussed how telling students when they say they can't, to say YET would begin the change of mindset. Hence last school, year the YET card arrived. 

I went in powerpoint and just made a square design with the word on it. A few weeks into school, I had a student just break down and cry. He was in sheer panic in writing class. He just kept saying he couldn't do it. I remember I walked to the board and pointed to the world. I said you can't YET!!!! From that moment on, I hardly ever heard can't again. 

This year I went to another training discussing Assessments but in the beginning she asked for the most powerful word in the classroom. I proudly said YET! The trainer was excited but I was just glad I had word with it the school year before. 
There are many books out there about mindset. I will be real honest, I have not stopped to read them for I thought I would share the two that are on  my list about mindset. 

Click HERE to read about it.

Click HERE to read about it.

So here is my challenge to you! When you hear that word, go point to the word yet. Explain that they may not not how to now but they will. It will take hard work and time but it WILL happen. 

As part of my challenge I thought I would offer you the letters that I used in my room. I just copied them on different colored card stock. Now it left me with 2 extra sets so I had a couple colleagues that I gave them to and they are using them all the time as well. So remember you can share this with a friend. 

SAMPLE letter Click HERE for FREEBIE!

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