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Monday Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for missing last Wednesday's Writing Tip! It was my 40th birthday and I got sick at the end of the night! SERIOUSLY!!! Anyway, I decided instead of trying to "make it up" on Thursday, I would just wait until this week for my post. With that being said, Let's get to Monday Wrap Up!

This has been an adventure of a day! I started my day with 2nd grade. We looked at our new goal board. (Why I didnt take a picture, I dont know!) My school is now requiring us to make pre and post test for what we are teaching. So I am graphing the combo test that has all the language standards for the quarter. The kids today really saw that they need to buckle down and make those reds (intensive) move up to blue or green. The 3 blues are going for the green. We then opened up some letters about from our Valentine Exchange that Laura at Pawsitively set up. We had the best time reading the letters we have received so far. Next we worked on using commas correctly, I am having to go back and pick up that 1st grade standard. I told the kiddos that we have to understand it before we can really master the 2nd grade standard. The FINALLY got the date correct. Now we are working on using it in a list or series. If I can get them to apply it into their writing then, they will be geniuses. (Even I tell they are everyday!)

Next, came my 1st grade rotation. This class is the toughest because of the boys and their behaviors. I really earn my paycheck with this class. They just finished their informational writing pieces and they did okay. They understand the features of nonfiction and how to write about what they know. They are still working on writing objects in a series. Today, I gave them 3 sentences and they had to tell me what words were the same and then turn it into a sentence with a series. OMG! Today (bless their sweet hearts) was not a good day for them. We have worked on it for about a week. After about a 4 examples, they were slowly remembering. Tomorrow I will be giving them 3 objects and see if they can write a sentence using a series. Then we are going to explore some books and look for it in writing. 

Then, my sweet kindergarten class came in. They were ready to play Minute to Win it with Handwriting. They love playing that game. It is from DeeDee Wills Hand writing product. Next we read about foods and made a list of foods we want to learn about tomorrow. We are going to compare grapes and raisins. This will be super fun. 

I also gave a sounds test to my sweet kinders. I  have a sweet heart who completely forgot letters and sounds. So I will be working closely with her. 

As you can see my day has been packed with fun and learning! I will only get to be at school tomorrow for a half day because my dear friend lost her mom this weekend and I will be at the funeral. :( 

All that as side, I am just so thankful for all you guys and your support. I hope that I will be able to make it to the SDE and TPT conference. I really want to meet everyone in person and make life long friends. 

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