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Wednesday Writing Tip Week 4

Hey everyone! I'm sorry that I am writing so late! It has been a long week but I am back with this weeks Wednesday Writing Tip. 

Today I wanted to share some of the Best Practices of Writing that I have learned and use in my own classroom. I hope that you will find them helpful. 

1. Positive Environment
We hear positive all the time. We all strive to make our rooms as positive as possible. There are ways that we can help to keep that positive environment. The first is making our rooms inviting. Well, I am just gonna say, with all the pictures I saw on Instagram, ladies and gents

Class Community is a great part of the positive environment. In my classroom, the children have a partner that they sit next to everyday. They will stay teamed up until the end of a unit. During this time, the students will think, pair, share and share out to me. They will get times to share their writing with their class. I change their groups about 4-5 times a school year. It helps those quiet ones to feel they have a voice. Think about how you are building community during the writing time. 
Another big one is ROUTINES/EXPECTATIONS. This is huge. Whatever your routine is, keep it that way as long as you can. I know there will be times that something will have to be tweaked but keep as close to what you teach them as possible. 
The last one is HUGE and is not always done. I even forget myself. It is the Teacher as a Writer. It is super important that we take time to write when we give our students time to write. I try to share as much of my work with them. It makes students feel like they can do it because I am doing it. It really is fascinated by their teacher writing. 

Now next week, I am going to talk about organizing your classroom. I am not discussing your physical room but I will  talk about organizing your lessons. I just cant wait to share. 

I hope this is a great start to you building some great writing rooms. For stopping by today, I am making my Daily Fix it Up bundle FREE until Saturday afternoon. This is an $18.00 product for FREE! Please follow my store and leave feedback. 

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