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This week I teamed up with some great bloggers to swap our products. I was teamed up with Tiffany from One Fab Teacher. I was given her Got Kindness? A Bucket Filler Game. 

This is how I got started with the game in my classroom. Come see our fun!

I started out with the book above. I had read this book at the beginning of the year. I felt it would be great to help with learning the game and to remind them that they all have buckets to be filled. 

After I read the the book we discussed what we do in our classroom that dips from each other buckets. Then we talked about what could we do to make sure that we dont dip anymore and on drop. 

The kids did a great job. It was great to see their eyes light up when they realized that they  are really taking from each other a lot lately. 

I taught them how to play the game. I made 4 copies. I had one for each table. Then I let them go play. 

As you can tell, they were very involved in playing this game. My 1st grade group (which needs this lesson more) really played hard. We actually played longer than I intended too. It was nice to hear the students say that they were filling buckets because they were reading words and helping each other during the game. This will be a game that I use when I see that they are not filling buckets. 

This product swap was great to reinforce the art of being kind. I truly hope that you will go and purchase this from Tiffany of One Fab Teacher. It is a great price with a great reward in your classroom. 

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