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Pick 3: July Edition

I can't believe that it is July. I have been teaching in Summer School for the last 2 weeks. So, I have not got out of school mode. Also, I am changing classrooms at my school. I am not the type of person who waits for people to move things. So I have took EVERYTHING out of the old room and moved it to the new room. Let's just say I'm ready for a break but we are not here for that. 

 I am coming today to link up with Lisa from Pawsitively Teaching and Marissa from Inspired Owl's Corner to share our top Pinterest picks for the month.

Thinking about my July pics, I just had to show a pin that I started using last year. It was great.

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This can of highlighters was great. In my classroom, if you don't write your name on your paper then it goes into Chapter 13, the trash can. I decided that I wanted to try a new method. This was great. Students would tell each other, "Hey, did you color your name?" They really started take note if they had written their name. I actually think they just like choosing a different color for each assignment. LOL!

This next school year will be different for me. For ten years I have taught either Reading or Writing to K-2 students. This year, I am teaching Math to just 1st grade. I am super excited to get back into the pool of another subject. With that comes new anchor charts. OH MY HOW I LOVE ANCHOR CHARTS!!!!  

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I have been scanning anchor charts to see what might capture my students attention. The addition one above looks awesome. With the students I will be working with, they will really get into to it. I may have to change it to make it a Super hero. I am think a picture of a boy with a plus sign on his chest and his name will be Alex Addition! What do you think?

Now this last pin isn't really school related but with our Country's Birthday tomorrow, I wanted to celebrate. This country is my love. It helps being a member of the Daughter of the American Revolution. 

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I just love decorating with America decor. When I build a new house. I truly want a wall art like this. It is just so rustic and beautiful. 

Well, my July pics are finished. I hope you have enjoyed this. If you think this was fun, then just join in with us. Its always fun to be on Pinterest. LOL!


  1. (sigh) Kids never remember to write their names. Love the idea!

  2. Great ideas! There are so many great anchor charts out there for math. How awesome to focus on one subject and really dive in deep! Thank you for sharing your ideas and linking up! :)

  3. Highlighting names, how clever ~ Will try that! :)