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Tell All Tuesday: My Dream Classroom

I am here to link up again with the fabulous Diana from My Day in K and The remarkable Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire for their summer Linky Tell all Tuesday. 

This week is all about our dream classroom. 

You know, I really had to think about that and what it would look like. First I would say that I would not be departmentalized and I would probably be teaching Kindergarten. Second, this room would be huge and would have plenty of space. There would be enough space that there would be cabinets empty. Lol!!!! 

Ok since I've said that, let's look at some of the Pinterst finds that would get me that dream classroom. 

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Okay I have had big desk before and this size deal is perfect for me. I don't usually use my desk for much except a paper bomb until the end of the day when I can go through it. Lol! Here is another desk shot that I loved as well. 

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Very simple and clean. 

next would be that storage space I was mentioning. 

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I would have two big floor to ceiling cabinets and the cabinets you see in the middle would be in the middle of my cabinets on one wall. 

Now I would also have a bathroom but I wasn't gonna put a picture of that. Lol!

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BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!!! I would have books galore. Since I have been reading Debbie Milker's Teaching with Intention, I have found that I need more books in my room. My students over the last few years have been taking them home and keeping them. It's okay but I have never replaced them. So I'm thinking I might have to do a DonorsChoice to help get some more and book bins. 

Now getting those books require someplace fun to read, RIGHT? So I found this image. 

Click HERE to see the website where the plans are for this!

I love this loft. It would be great to have pillows on the top and bottom so they can cozy up and read. The mailboxes could be attached. 

So what do ya think? Do you love some of my ideas? If you thought this linky was fun, then join us. Just grab the image at the beginning of this post then follow the instructions. Tell us about your dream classroom. 

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  1. My kingdom for a loft! That's on my "wish I had one" list, too. I'm hoping that when my dad retires, he'll want to volunteer to construct one for me.

  2. You found some really cute ideas! I love all those storage cabinets, having that much storage would be so amazing! I love that reading loft too, that would be so much fun to read in!
    Thank you so much for sharing your dream classroom with us, you had some really great ideas!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  3. Oh that loft! So cool. I did a Donors Choose for leveled books for my classroom a couple of years ago. I can never have enough books! Thanks for sharing your dream classroom.
    Always Kindergarten

  4. That loft is what dreams are made of!! I also loved the labeled book bins. I am working on some for my own library, but those are cute!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Very Perry Classroom

  5. Melinda, oh my goodness! I love those desks and the reading loft, I want!! Thanks for sharing your pictures and ideas. Can I be a student in your dream classroom?! ;) Thanks for linking up with us.

  6. HA! Love how a dream classroom would include enough space so that the closest are empty!!