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ABC's of First Grade

Hey everyone! I hope that life is treating you well. I am about to head to school but I wanted to get the chance for to join in on a fun linky party that fabulous bloggy buddies and myself are doing. 


Now my job is the letters I-L! I am going to tell you what I love about 1st graders starting those letters. My letters are I-L. Now let's get started.

What can you say about 1st graders that start with I? Well, the word that comes to mind is INTERESTING!!!!! Those little fellows are definitely that... Interesting!!! They are always exploring and discovering. Their stories are sometimes better than the books we read them. 

The word that comes to mind is JOYOUS!!! They are such happy kids. No matter how many times you might have to get onto them for a behavior, they are happy. They will ALWAYS bring a smile to your face and make you glad to be a teacher. It only takes one hug and a tiny smile!   Don't you agree?

My next word is KIND-HEARTED!!! They are such sweet spirits. They don't really mean to make bad choices. They generally will care for their classmates (and teacher). They want to show new students the ropes and help in anyway they can.

The last word is LOVING!!! This is very obvious from all the other words that I chose that loving was coming. Next to my kids, they are the best cuddlers on those rough teaching days. They just want your love and affection. They are loving to all around them.

Now if you loved reading about Firsties from I-L, then head to some of the other blogs and read about their ABC's of first grade. If you really love it, then join our fun. You can copy the letters in my headers and follow the steps below.

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Tell All Tuesday: My Dream Classroom

I am here to link up again with the fabulous Diana from My Day in K and The remarkable Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire for their summer Linky Tell all Tuesday. 

This week is all about our dream classroom. 

You know, I really had to think about that and what it would look like. First I would say that I would not be departmentalized and I would probably be teaching Kindergarten. Second, this room would be huge and would have plenty of space. There would be enough space that there would be cabinets empty. Lol!!!! 

Ok since I've said that, let's look at some of the Pinterst finds that would get me that dream classroom. 

Click HERE for original pin

Okay I have had big desk before and this size deal is perfect for me. I don't usually use my desk for much except a paper bomb until the end of the day when I can go through it. Lol! Here is another desk shot that I loved as well. 

Click HERE to see original pin

Very simple and clean. 

next would be that storage space I was mentioning. 

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I would have two big floor to ceiling cabinets and the cabinets you see in the middle would be in the middle of my cabinets on one wall. 

Now I would also have a bathroom but I wasn't gonna put a picture of that. Lol!

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BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!!! I would have books galore. Since I have been reading Debbie Milker's Teaching with Intention, I have found that I need more books in my room. My students over the last few years have been taking them home and keeping them. It's okay but I have never replaced them. So I'm thinking I might have to do a DonorsChoice to help get some more and book bins. 

Now getting those books require someplace fun to read, RIGHT? So I found this image. 

Click HERE to see the website where the plans are for this!

I love this loft. It would be great to have pillows on the top and bottom so they can cozy up and read. The mailboxes could be attached. 

So what do ya think? Do you love some of my ideas? If you thought this linky was fun, then join us. Just grab the image at the beginning of this post then follow the instructions. Tell us about your dream classroom. 

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Tell All Tuesday: A Reality Show Life

I am have been so looking forward to this Tell All Tuesday. If you have been reading this summer's linky created by Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire, then you know we have been sharing ourselves with some fun flair. So, let's get started with 

The quest for today is to think about your life and decide what would your reality show be called. Well I had to think hard on this. I even asked my husband what he thought. Together we came up with this....

Yep, EDGE OF SANITY! This would be my title. Let me explain! I have been married for 10 years and have 2 kiddos that are 10 months apart. They are 3 and 4 years old. In the month of November until December 27, I will have Irish Twins. LOL! These kiddos keep me on my toes. They are wild and crazy. My son looks like my husband but acts like me (sensitive and tenderhearted) . My daughter looks like me but acts like her daddy (stubborn, strong willed). So with that combination, I have an adventure. 

Now, I have been teaching for 15 years in a Title 1 school. We are in the transition of a new principal for a year ( I hope longer!) and life is crazy.I have just changed classroom for the second summer. Oh, wait I forgot Im teaching summer school right now.  I'm telling you, Im on the edge. LOL!!!! Now add my love of TPT and blogging to that mix, then you have Edge of Sanity. I am trying to learn balance wife, mom, and teacher. I want to do it all! Can you relate?

Okay now its your turn. If you are loving this and want to join in, save the images below and link up with us. Tell us about your reality show. 

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Tell All Tuesday: Top Ten

I am back to day to link up with Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach, Talk, Inspire for another Tell all Tuesday.

This week is our Top Ten List of what we have learned from teaching. Here is mine.

10. Ten months will fly by when you are teaching. How true is this? I still can't believe that I am half way through summer break. When May came, I was telling everyone, I have so much more to teach. It can't be time for summer break. It just moves quicker and quicker.

9. You can never have too many file folders and binders. I am the worst for wanting more of these. I am always looking at trying to organize better so it takes me to Walmart to buy binders and folders. I especially love the the clear view binders that are different colors and the fun file folders. I think I have a problem. LOL!

8. We can never shop incognito. My husband makes fun of me all the time because I am always running into former parents and students. He said, "Its a good thing you like your job." I have to shop at midnight if I don't want to be seen. LOL

7. School Supplies is an addiction. I have had an addiction since the first time I took a Campbell soup can and turned it into my first pen holder. Yep, that was all it took. Now I love to find new pens and markers. Who else is with me about being an addict?

6. Planning is always happening. I cannot go anywhere without thinking about and planning. I am really looking forward to making my plans come to life with my students. In May, I start thinking about the next year. In August, I'm planning Christmas. Does anyone else brain planning like crazy?

5. Nothing has to be perfect. I use to try and make everything look and feel perfect. This is life. Life is not perfect and our rooms should be filled with mistakes so we can learn. Failure is an option.

4. Summer is different than the public think. I have really learned over the 15 years of teaching that the public really do need to be educated about a teacher's summer. We may have it "off" but we are always working.

3. Team work is a blessing. This is so true with all the bloggy friends that I have "met". All of you make me a better person and teacher. It those who will talk me through a plan and help me make things better. Team work in your building is also great. If you have a great team, tell them and treasure them.

2. Just relax! Breathe! Sometimes it doesn't always go the way we plan and that is okay. Just let go and let God!

1. This is my passion. I have found my passion back for this career. I am in love with teaching and learning. I can't get enough of it. This is a wonderful life.

If you think this is fun! Then join us. Grab the graphic at the bottom and link up! What is your top 10?

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Pick 3: July Edition

I can't believe that it is July. I have been teaching in Summer School for the last 2 weeks. So, I have not got out of school mode. Also, I am changing classrooms at my school. I am not the type of person who waits for people to move things. So I have took EVERYTHING out of the old room and moved it to the new room. Let's just say I'm ready for a break but we are not here for that. 

 I am coming today to link up with Lisa from Pawsitively Teaching and Marissa from Inspired Owl's Corner to share our top Pinterest picks for the month.

Thinking about my July pics, I just had to show a pin that I started using last year. It was great.

Click here for original Pin

This can of highlighters was great. In my classroom, if you don't write your name on your paper then it goes into Chapter 13, the trash can. I decided that I wanted to try a new method. This was great. Students would tell each other, "Hey, did you color your name?" They really started take note if they had written their name. I actually think they just like choosing a different color for each assignment. LOL!

This next school year will be different for me. For ten years I have taught either Reading or Writing to K-2 students. This year, I am teaching Math to just 1st grade. I am super excited to get back into the pool of another subject. With that comes new anchor charts. OH MY HOW I LOVE ANCHOR CHARTS!!!!  

Click here to see original Pin
I have been scanning anchor charts to see what might capture my students attention. The addition one above looks awesome. With the students I will be working with, they will really get into to it. I may have to change it to make it a Super hero. I am think a picture of a boy with a plus sign on his chest and his name will be Alex Addition! What do you think?

Now this last pin isn't really school related but with our Country's Birthday tomorrow, I wanted to celebrate. This country is my love. It helps being a member of the Daughter of the American Revolution. 

Click for the original Pin
I just love decorating with America decor. When I build a new house. I truly want a wall art like this. It is just so rustic and beautiful. 

Well, my July pics are finished. I hope you have enjoyed this. If you think this was fun, then just join in with us. Its always fun to be on Pinterest. LOL!

Winner Wednesday 3

Im back! 2 days in a row. WHAT????? Im a blogging maniac! I have linked up with Jennifer from A Dab of Glue Will Do for another Winner Wednesday.

I know that it is summer and for a lot of you, you have just started your summer break. For me, I am half way through and I am moving classrooms again. With teaching summer school and planning a mini vacay, I have been thinking about the fall. I wanted my students to do something fun and to think about goal setting. 

This brings me to what I am giving away. I am giving away my brand new product called Back to School Folder File. It is a flip flap book, lap book, whatever you want to call it. It is interactive and allows your students a chance to celebrate their summer and begin thinking about their goals for school. 

If this looks like something you would want to win, then jump to the rafflecopter and leave me your name and email. I will choose a winner on Thursday. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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