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Glue Sponges

Hey guys! How is everyone doing? Tonight I thought I would talk to you about that end of the year not fun time. You know when the glue wont come out of the bottles and your running out of glue sticks. Well have you tried or heard about glue sponges! Excuse me for a moment while I shout!!!!


Okay not that is over let me tell you about how you can make them and what the benefit to having these amazing boxes are in your classroom.

Okay here is the materials needed:

Yep! That's it! These 3 products will change your life. Now I have them them put together is lots of ways but I am going to tell you what I do! 

Step 1: Pour a whole bottle of glue on the bottom of the bowl.

Step 2: Lay the sponge on top of glue.

Step 3: Pour a HALF a bottle of glue on top and seal the lid.

Step 4: Let the sponge sit for a week or two to allow the glue to soak in.

Now I will say this: Make sure that you pick your sponges first so that you can find the perfect container. I had to cut mine so a couple of my sponges. Also, spray them with water at least once a week. I was doing every other day but it didnt seem to be necessary with the amount of glue I use. 

Now you may be asking what is so special about these sponges, why should I use them, and how did you find out about it?

Let's take this a question at a time.

1. What is so special about these sponges?
Before I answer that question, think about your classroom. Do you hear these phrases? "My glue stick is dried up. I can't find the glue lid. The glue bottle won't work." These phrases made me crazy!!!!! Crazy I tell ya!! So what is so special. They are easy to store and can make glue life easier. 

2. Why should I use them?
Simple: NO MORE COMPLAINING ABOUT STICKS AND BOTTLES!  You can't beat that peace in your classroom. 

3. How did you find out?
Well after all those whines and cries. I had to find something different. I searched the internet for alternatives to glue sticks and bottles. A video popped up in my search about glue sponges. WHAT???? GLUE SPONGES!!!! I was super excited and had to watch. That video changed my life. Just watch the link below. 

My glue sponges have lasted all year except for this little guy.

This little fellow ended up with mold. I was shocked! Well, here is a tip that I missed and you will DEFINITELY need to use!!! In your spray bottle of water, add a small amount of mouthwash. I KNOW RIGHT!!! This will help your sponge not get my sponge's problem. LOL! 

Well I hope this will help you to push until your last day! Maybe you will consider it next year. They will truly change your life. 


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    1. I will for sure! I will write a post tonight or tomorrow. Thx again!!!