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Wrap It Up

Man what a day! I mean it has been a fun day. I loved every minute of it. We have been working so hard. So with that, Thanks for joining me for Monday Wrap Up! 

I loved how hard my second graders worked. We are working in opinion writing through letter writing. Today we made our "mailbox" for our class. We wrote letters to our classmates for a warm up. They were so excited. I did forget to take a picture of our box so when they finished decorating it, I will post on IG. This afternoon they loved their letters. I can't wait until tomorrow when they write back. 

Now with my Kinders and 1st grade we have been doing Writing Through the Year Unit 4 by Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills. I just have to say that I NEVER thought that giving your opinion about a book would be so difficult. They really struggle. They just want to give a summary. If anyone has some ideas to help, I'm all for it!!! Anyway, they loved the books we have read, especially I Ain't Gonna Paint No More. Secretly I love this book because of the boy about to paint his butt. The picture of him being all painted and that white tushy just makes me laugh. 
Tomorrow we will be working on making our opinion stand out. I can't wait. I love what I do! 

Before I leave you tonight, I just wanted to remind you that my IG friends and I are having a giveaway. Head to IG and loop around. 

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