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Hey everyone! I am super excited to link up with the You Oughta Know blog hop for the month of April! I decided to share something I started doing in my room and I hope you will find it helpful! 

In my school I teach writing for grades K-2. I'm in a cluster with 2 other teachers. With that said, there can be times that I have lots for them to do. I have came up with a system that has started changing my life. 

This basket has made such a HUGE  difference. I have paved 4 basket in the room. One for each of the tables. When I play handwriting Minute to Win It ( a product from Deedee Wills) I just have them get their cards and papers out of the basket. If we are sorting or building sentences, well you guessed it, it's all in the basket. It has changed the flow of my room. This basket could change world. 

Here is a few other items I use to make my day run smoothly. 

This rolling cart is used to hold my students writing folders. When we finished Minute to Win it! The students know to get in their drawer, retrieve their folder, then sit on it in their carpet square. The yellow is for kinders, blue for 1st graders, and red is for 2nd graders. The tub on top holds my students leadership binders. If you want to know about how I use the leadership binders just let me know. 

Now the picture above is what I use on top of the tables. I bought the caddy and the big basket it is in from Really Good Stuff. The blue bucket I bought from Party City on clearance for $.70.  The caddy typically holds only pencils and markers. The white baskets, as you can see, hold their crayons. The blue bucket is to hold their trash. So when we are cutting, there is no running back and forth to the trash can. They put their trash in that and a table captain will dump it throughout an activity. The green lids you see is my glue sponges. OMGOODNESS!!!!!! They will change your life. If you want to know to make your own I will put the link to Mr. Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboards youtube page. Click HERE to see it. It has made my year as well. 

I hope that you would consider using some of these ideas and let me know what you think. I can't wait to hear. 


  1. Table baskets are the best! Thanks for sharing whats in yours :)

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  2. I love how you use table baskets. I do the same thing in my classroom and it really helps!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain