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The Weekly Plan

Hey everyone I hope everyone has had an amazing day! I am here tonight for another installment of Monday Wrap Up!

Tonight I thought I would share what fun we had in my classroom today and what the plan is for the week. 

So today was the first day back from Spring Break. I woke up super happy. 
1.) I missed my kids.
2.) I started T25 beta round. 
3.) I gained 100 new followers on IG froma loop giveaway. 
4.) I started fasting for my pouch reset. 

Anyway, I'll focus on school but these were a few reasons I felt so great. 

Today we started our Jolly postman version story. I'll write more about for Wednesday Writing Tip. The kids listened to the story little ant and did a great job. 

The Kinders and first grade began writing about their opinion of summer. Wow! I'm super proud of these kids. After reading blogs and meeting other teachers from across the country, I am super excited for the inspiration and help. They are awesome writers. 

This week we will be completing our   jolly Postman books and summer writings. Plus we are starting extended response for grades K-2 this week. Tomorrow we will be giving our first testing to see how the kids write. I see my students write wonderfully but I get nervous when it comes to tests. We are scoring them in our PLC's after school. Wish me luck! 

We will also continue with our close reading in the afternoon with 2nd grade. Here is a few pics of them working. 

Okay I'm super excited to be back. I can't wait to tell more about my adventure. I would love to here about yours. 

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