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Monday Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I have had such a great Monday. I decided to come to you with another Monday Wrap up! I feel like this may be a new thing for me. We will see! 

Today has been such a great day of learning. The K-2 classes have really worked super hard. Kindergarten have been working on nouns and trying to master them. We created an anchor chart to help them to better get it. So let me introduce you to Nancy Noun.

It's not the best drawing but my kiddos LOVED it. The kinders are like sponges and it makes me smile. I see why people love teaching that grade. When we finished making this chart, we did a noun sort. I completely forgot to make picture of their graphing sort but they did AMAZING!!!!!

Now first grade is working on commas. I did a pretest over some 3rd quarter grammar skills and I was shocked that they did even recognize a comma. So today we looked in books for where they were using the punctuation mark. We discussed how to make it and then made a chart about the rules for using it. I wish I would have made a closer shot of the poster. 
Poster in the middle is the comma chart.

We are going to spend the week really looking at how to use them properly. Starting with writing the date! I think! LOL!

The 2nd graders are reviewing adjectives and will be working toward adverbs. I am working with them on using the Genius Ladder from Whole Brain Teaching. Click on Genius to watch a video.

Here are a few pictures of the nonfiction posters and some displays I added to my room today. 

Today was a great day of teaching. I was so nice to watch my kiddos at work. They were trying so hard. Look out for Wednesday's post. Writing Wednesday is a new series that I will begin to help you with Writing. My first topic will be organizing completed work. Can't wait for you to come back. 

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