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Monday Wrap Up

Hey everyone! How has your MLK holiday been? I have been super busy. I didnt want to go without sharing my Monday Wrap up!

So, like I said, I have been super busy. Besides my usual morning of working out, today I hung out with my kiddos and created 3 (Yes, 3) scoots. I have them in my store for FREE!

Since I am in a school where I teach Writing for K-2, then I am responsible for language, speaking and listening, and writing standards. My PLC decided for the 3rd quarter we would focus on 5 standards for each grade. My kinders are to master nouns and verbs. 1st grade is to master commas. 2nd grade is to work on adjectives and adverbs. 

I had given each grade a test for each of those areas. I still felt that they needed more practice. I made the scoots to help with that. I hope that you will enjoy each and everyone of them. 
Here is the links to each one in my store:

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