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Wednesday Writing Tip

Hey everyone! Its Melinda your Sassy teacher, here with another installment of Wednesday Writing Tip.

Today I wanted to talk to you about working folders. I had tried many different ways to keep track of all my students work and nothing ever seemed to come out how I envisioned it. So, during the summer I read tons of blogs and finally thought about what I needed and came up with the double folder. 

Here is what you will need to make these folders. 
1. 3 prong folders (poly or paper)
2. non prong folders (paper)
3. hole punch
4. Labels

Directions to make the folders:
Step 1: (We can have lots of fun! A little NKOTB for ya)
Get all your prong folders open and ready to have another folder put inside of it.

Step 2: ( There's so much we can do!)
Flip all non prong folders backwards. 

Step 3: (It's just you and me!)
Punch a hole in the non prong folder. Make sure to run it upside when you do this because they will be uneven the other way. 

Step 4: (I can give you more!)
Place the folders together and close. 

Step 5: (Don't you know that the time has arrived!  UH!!)
Then, begin putting stickers on each page. 

Now you may be saying, "Melinda, What stickers?"  Well, I made stickers for each page. Green, Yellow, Red hands, and a pencil. My students know that if they have a green hand, we are still working on this rough draft. Yellow means that we have some revising and editing to do. Red means it is complete and Mrs. King can come get it and put it in her binder of completed pieces. If you missed last week's post and freebie click HERE.

Here are the completed folders. Since I have 3 grades. Yellow is Kinders. Blue is 1st grade. Red is 2nd grade.

Click on here for your freebie labels!

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