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Monday Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I hope you have had an amazing Monday. My day has been super busy! So let's jump in to my series called Monday Wrap Up!

This week we are having Spring Conferences. I mean can you really call them Spring when it is January and still WINTER!  Ha Ha!!! Anyway, My team members and I have been really trying to make sure that our students binders were ready for the next two days. We are suppose to have members of our community to come in and check out our days in the classroom as well as how our student-led conferences are running. 

With that being said, my team and I decided we needed to double check our binders and make sure our kiddos were ready to go could handle leading their own conferences. If you do student-led conferences, I would LOVE to hear how it works in your school. Also, what do you love or dislike about it.

Today, my classes spent time making sure our goal pages were ready to go. The 1st and 2nd grade classes got their finished but the kinders we will have to do tomorrow. The pictures below show my kiddos working on their sheets. (There will be more on those later). 

So you may be asking what is in my binder. Here is my list:
1. Binder cover with spine
2. Leader in Me page 
This page is our school mission statement, school guidelines for success, and our classroom rules.
3. Goals page
This page is what you see them working on in the pictures.
4. Behavior data
My 2nd graders use dojo so everyday we color in the correct face for their behavior.
5. Math data
My math team member puts her assessment scores.
6. Reading data
My reading team member does the same as math.
7. Writing Data
I use this for grammar pre and post test as well as writing samples for that day. The samples are removed and put back in binder. If you missed that post you can click HERE to read it.
8. Celebrations
This tab holds any certificates or awards the kiddos get during the school week or day.
9. Student-Led Conferences
This tab is the last one in my binders. This tab is just what it says it is. It has their self reflections and everything in it. 

My sassy pants carry their binders every where they go. This is so my team members can add whatever they need to in the binders. 

So since you have stopped by to read my post tonight. I am leaving you a FREEBIE (click on the word) for a limited time. 

Click HERE if you want a copy

It will be free until 8pm CST tomorrow (Tuesday). It is covers and some graphs for your own binders. I added some Science and Social Study tab as well. I hope that you will enjoy it. Tell your friends and grab it quick.

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