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Makeover Madness

 Hey Ya'll! If you have been on any social media, you have seen the Sellers Challenge that is happening right now. I decided to  join up with some amazing teachers for the #tptsellerschallenge. 

Our lovely host are:

I won't lie. I was super excited for this but I have actually become overwhelmed. This is an amazing journey and I don't want to stress myself out to meet the challenges nor do I want to pass this amazing opportunity up. Do ya see what I am sayin'?

Anyway, this week's challenge was to make over a product in your store and post your social media stats. 

I had started working on my data notebook/forms a long time ago and thought I'll do that one. 
Then I thought about the very first product I ever made and decided that needed a new cover and credits page. 

Click here to view

I'm super proud of this change. It looks so much better. 

If you are curious about this product, it is a simple Writer's Eye type product. It is 180 days of correcting the mistakes in sentences. Just click on the picture and it will take you to my store. 

Well week 1 is done. I can't wait to see what week 2 has for us. 

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